Operation Skinny Jeans: Coaching


I am a Beachbody Coach!

I have discovered an incredible passion in helping people. My favorite part of blogging is the part when you email me. I WANT to talk to you! And I want to have a real answer when you ask me "How did you do it??"

But I didn't come to this decision easily. I have tried a LOT of things. Most/all of it didn't really work for me. I am not into diet pills and I am not a fan of Weight Watchers, I never had success with cleanses and following an UBER strict diet just brought back binge eating problems. I didn't have the answer you were looking for! The only answer I had was "eat better and workout.". That's an obvious answer! Then I met some friends who had real success with Beachbody workouts! Then people I actually know in real life started to have success with them, and that is what made me think " ok maybe this could work for me."

So I started looking into it. I would tivo the infomercials (wish I were kidding) and I googled the heck out of it. I did more research than a person probably should and I found that the workouts were sound, the results weren't gimmicks, and that it really wasn't as expensive as I had thought.

Then my friend Jackie became a coach. I bugged that poor woman day and night. I asked what it was all about, if there were crazy sales requirements, if I had to keep inventory, all things I had discovered with other "Mary Kay" type things. I was pleased by every answer I got.

1. The emphasis is on helping people, not selling crap. People can sign up for you as their coach for free without EVER buying a product. They get resources and a community to help them stay accountable, and you help people. Its not about sales, its about changing lives.

2. No parties. I had a brief stint as a Pampered Chef lady and I was TERRIBLE at it! Parties are awkward. Instead you run Challenge Groups where you focus on one (or sometimes not) program and you do it alongside your challengers! You offer daily accountability and support. Just like my old "Skinny Jean Fit Camp" but WAY more organized and with a plan! lol

3. No inventory. All sales and transactions are done through the website. Beachbody just cuts you a check for your commission every week.

4. Finally a decent commission!  25% of sales come back to you. AND you get a 25% discount on all products, including workout equipment and Shakeology.

5. A super network of experienced people who, JUST LIKE ME, want to help people. The funny thing about the way the business works is that if you just want to sell, you wont get very far. It really is about COACHING, not selling.

And since it was the same price to get the challenge pack and to become a coach, I took the leap of faith and became a coach.

Now I have done P90X3, 21 Day Fix and I am about to start T25. These programs have changed the way I look at working out. You do not have to spend HOURS in the gym. You just don't! You can get awesome results in just 30 minutes a day AT HOME.

And being a coach has totally changed my life. In my first 4 months, I have been able to bring home an average of an extra $1000 every month, started SAVING and paying off debt, and all while still working my full time and part time jobs. Plus I have earned a free trip to Vegas this summer for Coach Summit and I am inches from earning a free trip to Cancun next April. This is for real.

So my question is this. Do you want to make money helping people? Do you want to get into great shape working out at home with proven workout programs every day? Do you want to make the most of 2014? Maybe you too should take the leap. Or ask me about it. I would love to talk to you.