Operation Skinny Jeans: About Jess

About Jess

Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down...

Oh wait. That's not me. I mean it kinda is, but I don't have a theme song and I am not "DJ Jazzy Jess" except when I am rapping, which actually happens a lot... 


So I am assuming you know my name is Jess. It's in big letters over ---------> there. Along with my face. But here is a little more about me and what you can expect here on my blog :D

I like timelines!

1993- learned how to write and started writing in my first journal.
2003- discovered blogging and started my first live journal
2005- graduated high school at 200 lbs. 
2006- started trying to lose weight. 
2007- did HCG, failed
2008- tried running, nope
2009- tried to lose weight to fit in my wedding dress. hahaha no
2010- reached an all time high of 285 lbs
2010- did Weight Watchers, failed
2011- did Weight Watchers, failed
2012- did Weight Watchers, failed
2013- realized weight watchers isn't for me (duh)
2014- realized that self love and acceptance is way more important than the number on the scale

Along the way I lost 60 lbs, gained 20 back, and have been on the road to recovery for my eating disorder. 

That's a bit about my journey, but that doesn't tell you much about me at all. So here are some fun facts. 

I have an obsession with Rhinos. 
I love to read. 
I am a big nerd. Like I play D&D. 
I have been married since Nov 2010 to my best friend who is also a huge nerd, and doesn't mind having rhinos all over our house. 
I have a deep personal relationship with cake. At the moment, its long distance. 
I love the fall. 
I have a tattoo on my foot of a Koi fish that I got when I was 18. I want many many more... 

I don't believe reading random facts about me means you know me, but since I am 100% me here, I hope that you stick around and get to know me. We could be besties. For real, I met my best friend through my blog. 

And I want to meet you! Lets talk! I am on Facebook, or shoot me an email


  1. Hi Jess, I found your blog when looking for plus jeans that don't embarrass you when you sit down. Crack kills. Anyhoo, I love your story and wanted to give you my foodie tip for healthy recipes. Is there an email I can send some to you, or do you use Instagram so I can share some of my favorite healthy shmealthy pics? Best...Kelly

    1. I would love that! My email is operationskinnyjeansblog@gmail.com, and my instagram is operationskinnyjeans. You can find me on facebook and everywhere else by clicking on those pink buttons over ------> here.

  2. Jess I found your blog by accident but it is a great motivation for a lot of people out there. I am a personal trainer/boot camp owner in Florida and if you need any help or questions just let me know :) You can find me on facebook as Trainhergirl

  3. Hey Jess,

    Found your blog on Pinterest by accident looking for something. As a personal trainer/boot camp owner it takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there and really let yourself be vulnerable to the masses. If you have any questions at all please let me know I love helping people on their journey.

  4. I found your blog on bloglovin and love it! Your posts just seem real, not scripted and I can't wait to keep reading your posts.

  5. Hi Jess, I found your blog through BlogLovin yesterday and am so glad I did!! I also starting blogging to keep myself accountable while trying to lose weight and prepare for having a baby! My husband and I have been married a year and a half and we would like to start trying next summer! Keep up the good work and I know you will be successful! Thanks so much for sharing and being so honest!! Best of luck to you!!

  6. Hi Jess, I actually found your blog by accident. I wanted to follow reduced fat girl which is also a blog and I had to sign up with BlogLovin in order to follow her and I saw the name of your page which caught my attention "Operation Skinny Jeans" great name. I actually just started my own blog about 2 weeks ago to keep myself accountable while trying to complete my weight loss journey and maintain and tone up.. So I do feel you on the arms... I did too much cardio and not enough weight training with my weight loss, so now I have the battle of the bat wings... Lbvs.. Great job with your blog, Keep up the good work!.. We can hopefully inspire each other... www.downsizeit.blogspot.com

  7. Hey Jess! Love the blog and your story could basically be copy and pasted to my 'about' page...everything from being short, weighing the same in high school, I got married fall of 2010, my max was 280 and my husband I also want kids in the near future and I seriously WILL NOT try until I'm healthier for fear of the very same things. You're my blog twin! :) I also live in Colorado too (the Springs)!!

  8. New follower! Starting my own fitness journey! Glad to find some other bloggers doing the same! Keep up the great work!!


  9. New follower! Starting my journey this year! Can't wait to follow up more with your journey!

  10. Hey Jess!! You have a new follower from Canada!! I find it so hard starting out and confused on where to start. Any advice?

  11. Hey Jess!! You have a new follower from Canada! I'm lost on starting out, any advice?

  12. Hi! I'm Megan! I also blooged about DIY projects and crafts… and now my blog is mostly focused on my weight struggles, healthy eating… it's a new thing. I can't decide if I want to go all on and REALLY do a weight loss blog, but then I keep bringing it up in my posts and posting pics of yummy healthy recipes I come up with so meh, whatev's. How old are you? I'm 25 and It sounds like we might have some things in common! I've been told by a bunch of peeps to look into weight watchers. But, I'm tired of following other people's rules and trying to find a way to make my LIFE FOREVER healthy.. instead of a program i'm on. Changing how I view food, perfection, and learning more about nutrition and health. Anyway 'm gonna lurk around your blog! you can look at mine too if you wanna. meganshipton.blogspot.com :)

  13. Hey there! I just found your blog and so far I'm loving it! I too am on a weight loss journey. Best of luck to you and I'll be following along! :)

  14. I absolutely love your blog!! How did you learn how to format everything??


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