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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

That container plan thingy

I had someone ask ok Instagram yesterday how I was doing with the container plan thing. She didn't call it that, but I have decided to. In short, it's going well!

It takes about a week of adjustment, but then you start to get used to it. But I totally understand how it can be intimidating, so I thought I would break it down. When you figure out how many of each color you get a day, it can be overwhelming and hard to look at it in terms of meals rather than containers. So the first thing I did was create a formula for me that I knew would be easier to follow.



What? That doesn't make sense? lol I will explain what that means.

For breakfast, I get a red (protein), green (veggie), yellow (carb), and purple (fruit). So a regular breakfast would look like 2 eggs scrambled with spinach, oatmeal and an apple. Or turkey bacon, one slice of toast, tomato and grapes. Or Shakeology with almond milk, spinach and frozen strawberries. Etc.

For my first snack, I get a red, green, and two purples. So my first snack looks like 2 hard boiled eggs, sliced bell peppers (add a blue for hummus), an apple with almond butter (add a teaspoon or 2) and some grapes. Or a deli turkey roll up (turkey and lettuce, plus a little mustard, with is free) and a banana (1 banana is 2 purples). I have even been known to have Shakeology here, so Shakeology with water, 1/2 a banana, spinach and strawberries. Or greek yogurt with raspberries and blueberries and a drizzle of honey (a T) with some celery and pb (T) on the side.

For lunch, I get a red, green and yellow. So I usually have tacos (tortilla, ground beef or turkey, with lettuce and tomato). Or a burrito bowl (brown rice, chicken, lettuce and salsa, and if I have a blue I might add cheese). Spaghetti is an easy lunch to take, so spaghetti noodles, sauce, and ground beef. Technically tomato sauce is a vegetable, but I will add bell peppers (sautéed) to it for flavor and bulk. Or if I am feeling like a salad, a salad with ground turkey, black beans and corn (half of each) with an orange of dressing is pretty delicious. Lots of options there.

Second snack, I replace a purple with a carb. So almost the same as earlier, but adding in bread or a tortilla or corn or beans or potato, or edamame (one of my FAVORITES) in place of that second fruit.

Dinner! Dinner I get two reds, two greens and a yellow. This might look a lot like a normal dinner plate for you too. I certainly ate a lot of dinners like this before measuring out my portions, so I am glad that that part hasn't changed. Since its easier to name normal dinner proteins, veggies and carbs, rather than put them into combos, I will do that. We have a list of each of these on the fridge, and when we meal plan we mix and match.

Dinner Proteins:
Chicken breast
Pork Chops
Ground Beef (like in burger form or loose)

Dinner Veggies:
Brussels Sprouts
String beans

Dinner Carbs:
Sweet Potatoes
Brown Rice
Regular potatoes
Pita Bread

We mix and match those main things for dinner every night. I realize its not as fun as eating casseroles or fancy things like that, but it works for us and it makes meal planning a heck of a lot easier. We buy 7 proteins, 7 veggies and 7 carbs and eat whatever we feel like in whatever combo we are in the mood for. For the record, my favorite chili is RGGY (if you add beans, no Y if you don't) so it is often on the menu for dinner.

Those flex things are Orange (fats/ dressings), Blue (cheese and nuts) and Teaspoons. I don't plan for them to go anywhere, but rather fit them in where I want them. Cheese on my eggs, nuts with a snack, peanut butter with my fruit, etc.

I am in the highest bracket of the container plan, which is why it seems like SO much food. And I found out this cool thing yesterday. I noticed when Beachbody released Insanity Max 30 that they created the meal plan for that based on the container plan. I love that they have adopted this really awesome way of eating into their programs and even came out with a container plan kit you can buy without a workout. They are calling it the Portion Fix.

I think it's pretty cool that they are offering this independent of a workout plan, so if you love working out at the gym but you need a better way of eating, you can still use this. I also love that it costs the same as one month of Weight Watchers. If you want more info, email me (jess@operationskinnyjeans.com) but my point of this post was to share how I am using this for my life, not just in coordination with a workout program.

Also I am going to make a conscious effort in the coming weeks to take more pictures of my food to show you. I usually start eating it too fast and can't get a picture... #fatgirlproblems.

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