Operation Skinny Jeans: Inkwell Press Planner Review (and coupon!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inkwell Press Planner Review (and coupon!)

I am a planner person. In school, I always had a planner and basically lived by it. It was the only way I could remember all the homework and stuff I had to do. Even in college it was my bible. But in the adult world, I kinda fell out of need for a planner. My life wasn't THAT complicated, and I could get by with my iPhone calendar.

Then I started blogging. And working with brands. And coaching. And working 2 other jobs on top of that. Things have been a little.... disorganized. So when I started looking back into planners, I knew this could be the thing to get me back on track.

For my birthday, I got an Emily Ley Simplified planner. I LOVED it. The big daily pages, the times, the meal planning part, all of it. I had been lusting over this planner for MONTHS.

But after I got it, things changed. My needs changed. I realized a daily planner was a bit much. I needed to see what I had going on that week in one easy glance. I needed a broader view of my week, with posts and events and work stuff all on one page/spread. So I started shopping around.

First I looked at Erin Condren. Everyone RAVES about EC planners, and while I thought they were cute, the long skinny day set up just didn't feel like the layout I needed. I write big, and I need lines. I looked at Plum Planners, and same thing. I was beginning to wonder if anyone made a wide spread weekly planner when a friend posted a link to the Inkwell Press site. She has a long skinny option, but she also makes the flex, which was exactly what I needed.

Feeling  a little gun shy after my Emily Ley disaster, I decided to really think about it before I bought it. It helped that my husband made me sell my Emily Ley before I even could think about getting a new one. It gave me time to really fall in love and be certain. I watched more youtube unboxing videos of this planner than I care to admit. At one point I misguidedly thought I should make an unboxing video of this planner. Thank god I came to my senses.

But seeing the planner on video, and the pages, it helped me get a really good sense of what I was going to get. And I was so in love. So I took the plunge (with a 20% off code) and got it. And holy crap am I glad I did. I am in romantic love with it.

The planner itself is really high quality. The covers are thick and hard, very sturdy, and the coil is strong and can be flipped over on itself so you can write on just one side. The paper is thick and nice to write on, and it has pockets!

Something Inkwell Press does that I haven't seen elsewhere is send you 6 set up videos once you order your planner. They show you how to organize your life and set up your planner. This is HUGE if you are a planner n00b or if you are just getting back on track with organizing your life. These videos are short, to the point and super helpful.

And also when you order there is a slew of free print-ables that you can add to your planner for maximum personalization and awesomeness. So cool. AND there is a group on Facebook so you learn how other women use the planner, and get advice and ideas from them.

One of my absolute favorite parts is on the side of every day, there is a tracker for meals, home and fitness. I love that I can track my food and fitness every day in my planner. Its the bomb dot com. And I am using the "home" square to track my vitamins! I suck at taking pills so I have to check them off every day!

I think the best part (for me at least) was the turn around time. I ordered it Friday night, and it was in my hands the next Friday morning. Thank GOD because I wanted it to be here soo bad. I was very pleased with how quickly I got it!

Now for some pictures!

There are other cool pages, but I started filling them out. Check out inkwellpress.com  for all the awesome info.

AND to save 20% if you fall in love like I did, you can use this referral code :D

Are you a planner person? Which planner do you have/want? Do you decorate? Lets chat!

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