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Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello old friend

If you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed I have added a new element to my workout schedule. The gym. Well, kinda the gym, my apartment gym which has limited equipment but has a treadmill and elliptical which is just about all I will use. There are some weight machines I might dabble in, but for the most part, cardio is my MO.

I have been doing P90 since October, and admittedly I haven't been perfect. I have missed a few workouts, and I haven't been perfect on eating the entire time. Food is definitely the thing I struggle with. But more than all of that, I have been doing it alone. Andy just can't get into home workouts, which I get, they aren't for everyone, and he wants to start going to the gym to use the machines and weights. Above anything else, I am his support system so I will do whatever I can to help him out, including walk on a treadmill for an hour. Is it my favorite type of workout? Heck no. BUT I am there for him and we are doing it together so I am happy to oblige.

I am going to finish up this round of P90, which ends at the end of the month, and then start again on January 1st. I am going to be a lot better about my eating for the 3 weeks I have left, and during the whole next round. And I will be drudging along on that damn dreadmill 5 days a week because I am a good wife ;) Kidding. Except not really. The good news is, there are some things I like about treadmill workouts, and since I used to do them a lot I have some in my repertoire so I am not dying the entire time. I would much rather be jumping and punching and squatting my way into a sweat, but burning calories is burning calories, something I am happy to do a little more of.

If you guys want, I can type out a few of my favorite treadmill routines? Is that a thing you would want to see? And if anyone wants to do P90 with me starting January 5th, I will be doing a group for that. Email me at jess at operationskinnyjeans.com if you want to know more.

This year isn't over! We still have 3.5 weeks to make a difference! Don't quit now.

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