Operation Skinny Jeans: Balance

Friday, December 19, 2014


In yoga, it takes balance and strength to move through the sequences. Concentration and focus help you to clear your mind and move your body.

In strength training, it takes balance to not fall over while lifting heavy things. It takes strength and concentration to maintain form and push your body.

In cardio, it takes balance. Like to not fall off the treadmill, or fall over in a class.

In eating, it takes balance.

I have learned, for me, I need that balance. I need that flexibility. I need to feel like I am in control so I don't binge. I love that "treats" are built into my plan. I love that I can have wine or chocolate or a cheese stick without guilt because I have finally found a plan that lets me do that. I have realized that the key to success in all things is balance.

Whether I am standing on one foot, deadlifting almost 100 lbs, walking backward on a treadmill or eating at a restaurant, balance is key.
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