Operation Skinny Jeans: Ah, the season of the cookie exchange

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ah, the season of the cookie exchange

Ever done cookie exchange? In case you haven't, they are a delightful holiday tradition in which everyone bakes a shitton of cookies, brings them to one person's house and you each take home a little bit of everyone else's cookies to enjoy. Often while exchanging family gossip and drinking wine. Maybe that's just my family...

Cookie exchanges are fun, but can be a recipe for disaster if your goal is to not binge on cookies this season. Having done a couple of these, I have a few strategies up my sleeve that I like to deploy in moments like this.

1. Bring delicious cookies. Don't be that jerk that brings healthy cookies. Just because you are focusing on your health doesn't mean everyone else is. You don't have to eat your cookies, or keep them at your house, so don't feel like you have to find the sugar free granola cookies that only have 1 gram of carbs. They are not delicious (unless they are, maybe you have a great recipe) and the less people take, the more you are stuck with. Don't be afraid to bring good cookies.

2. Don't take any cookies home. Yes, this is an option. It might seem odd, but just explain that you have lots of cookies at home and don't need anymore. Or if your family is in the know about your healthy life choice, they probably won't even say anything when you don't line up to grab your container of cookies.

3. Eat a couple cookies. This requires some reconnoissance. Scope out which cookies you think will be the BEST. Pick 2, or maybe 3. Then sit down and eat them. If one isn't as delicious as you thought it was going to be, stop eating it. Its okay to throw away a cookie. If you really allow yourself to enjoy a couple cookies, you won't even be upset that you don't get to take home Aunt Alma's rock hard butter cookies. You will know you got the best, and you enjoyed them without guilt.

This can be applied to any holiday event coming up. If there is something you absolutely can't live without, eat it! Not ALL of it, but have a cookie, or a scoop of that casserole you never get. This is about a sustainable lifestyle. We can eat on plan in our own homes with no problem. Being in public, or at a holiday event, its okay to indulge if you do so thoughtfully, mindfully and without guilt or remorse.
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