Operation Skinny Jeans: Your body can do anything.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Your body can do anything.

Ok thats a broad statement, but my point is good.

When I started on this journey, I felt like I couldn't workout because of my size. My fat short legs couldn't run, my fat arms couldn't lift weights, let alone my body weight in a push-up. I was afraid of pain and failure so I didn't start. It was easier to sit at home and hate myself than to imagine embarrassing myself at the gym.

I have come a ways from that, but even today I am shocked by what my body can do, more than what it can't. My body can RUN. Not very far and certainly not very fast, but it can RUN. My body can do push ups. Not full ones, and not many but it can DO them. My body can squat over EIGHTY times before I want to die. That's a lot of times!

It makes me wonder what else my body CAN do. Can my body really do a burpee? Its been a while since I have tried, but I want to know. I want to see what this thing can do, despite being imperfect and squishy.

If you are discouraged by your physical limitations, change your focus on what you CAN do. You might just realize how big of a badass your body is, and maybe even feel compelled to challenge it to see what all it can do.

Your body is beautiful. It is strong and it is yours. I love my body because of what it can do. If you can't love your body for what it looks like, maybe try looking at it this way :D

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