Operation Skinny Jeans: Why I am a coach

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why I am a coach

Having an eating disorder is lonely.

You start to doubt yourself, and how you feel about other people. You begin to wonder if you are even yourself anymore. When you make sweeping statements that NOW is the time you are going to lose weight, your friends and family don't understand. They have seen this before, a swing of mania to your upcoming inevitable depression. Its not that they don't respect you or love you, they just don't know how to react anymore. Your declarations of weight loss become as silly to them as saying you are going to build a rocket ship to the moon!

There is only so much patience and love they have before they tune you out.

But what they don't understand is that when you declare, you mean it. But your brain sabotages you slowly but surely. Every positive step in the right direction is met with an equal step in the wrong direction until you are eating ice cream from the carton in the shower so your husband doesn't see you. True story.

Losing weight is lonely. People who have never struggled with their weight don't understand. Eating the way you do is your normal. Your family eats this way, your spouse, but this way of eating is killing you. WHY YOU? Why do you have such problems with it? And your family doesn't want to change, there is nothing wrong with them. You add more veggies to dinner plates, action that's met with groans and eye rolls. You encourage the family to go on walks (so you don't feel like the fat girl walking on the side of the road with everyone staring) and they refuse. You ask your fit friend to go to the gym with you so you aren't alone, and while she starts running on the treadmill, you struggle to keep a steady walking pace.  You just end up feeling more ashamed than when you started and you go home and stop trying. It's too hard.

I have done this alone. And I have done this with support. And I can tell you, having people that are on the same journey, supporting you, encouraging you, keeping you accountable, makes all the difference.

I didn't become a coach for money. Money was never a goal of mine. Nor rank advancement. I became a coach because I wanted a coach. When I was starting out I would have KILLED for someone to message me and say "Hey girl! I was thinking about you today, how was it!" I yearned for someone to celebrate the fact that I didn't drink a soda today. I cried at night because I wanted someone to care.

The summer before I became a coach, I held 2 groups to encourage people. I loved having that support and accountability part, but people begged me for a workout and meal plan, or at least guidance. I couldn't give it. I am not a trainer, I have no nutritionist training, I couldn't help them. And it broke my heart. For my 2nd challenge, I got a trainer and a nutritionist on board, and I was so happy to be able to offer the complete package. Support + workout+ nutrition = success, every time.

When I was approached (for the 3rd time) by a friend and mentor of mine about coaching, I decided to give it an honest thought. I was happy to give people the support and accountability part, but I had nothing I could offer for workouts and nutrition. Enter Beachbody. I decided to try P90X3 and I loved it, and fell in love with Tony Horton, Beachbody as a company and Shakeology. And it gave me the platform to offer people a workout and nutrition solution I believed in, along with the support and accountability I loved providing.

I am not a trainer, I am not a nutritionist, and I don't claim to be those things. I am a cheerleader. I am the person that will be there for you to celebrate every victory, whether big or small. And I am the person you can come to with no judgment when you are riding the struggle bus. I am not perfect, but I am positive, and I have been there.

I coach because I desperately needed a coach. I want to be the person I needed most when I struggled most. And even tho I am still figuring things out on the workout and nutrition side of it, I am a pro at being positive and supportive.

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