Operation Skinny Jeans: What I hate about the 21 Day Fix

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What I hate about the 21 Day Fix

It's just one thing, but it's a big thing.

The name.

It frustrates me that a program that makes so much sense has a name that doesn't fully explain what it is. Sure, it is structured as a 21 day program, which I like in a way, but it isn't a "Fix" and I hate the way that word is used. A "Fix" implies something short term, and not permanent, and adding in the "21 Days" part doesn't help the image. I think it gives people the wrong impression about the program, which really is a shame.

The 21 Day Fix is not a "quick fix". It's not a magic pill or wrap that will promise crazy unrealistic results.

It is a meal plan and workout program that is hard, and requires work and dedication, but can yield results if you commit to it. Just like anything else that involves eating better and working out.

The reason it is set up as a 21 day program is because people can see results in 21 days. And lets be honest, people have short attention plans and the program isn't easy. It is easier to commit to a life change for 21 days, than for 90 days. And it only takes 21 days to build a habit, so in theory if you commit to something for 21 days, it will be something you can stick with long term. But the program doesn't only last 21 days. If you look at it like that, the program really only lasts a week. You get 7 workouts, and every week you do them again. Every Monday you do the same workout, and every Tuesday, and so on and so forth. There are ways to switch it up, do doubles, add workouts in, but by and large, week in and week out, its a routine you can follow.

And the workouts aren't rocket science, which I think is what I love about them. You do a set of 3-5 moves for a minute each, then do it again. Then you do 3-5 different moves for a minute each, and then do it again. It's about repetition and pushing yourself to do squats for a full minute, then lunges for a full minute, then something else, then do it again. What is nice is that each workout is different, and you get some variety. There is total body, cardio, legs, arms, pilates, yoga, etc. You get to work your whole body throughout the week just to do it again the next week.

I explained how the program works in this post, and I really believe its not a fix. It's a way of looking at food and portion control (and proportion control) that can change the way you look at food. Eating the right amount is just as important as eating the right things. And while there is no secret to good nutrition, some people need it laid out for them, like me. I do well with structure, knowing I need to eat 6 proteins, 6 veggies, 4 carbs, 4 fruits, and 1 fat a day. I can hit those markers and feel satisfied and not hungry and in control. I don't feel deprived because my carb can be potato chips once a week if I feel like it. Or chocolate or wine. Treats are allowed, 3 times a week. There is a container conversion for pizza, again its a treat, but I can have pizza and not have to think that I am blowing my whole week.

And I love that Autumn continually makes videos (free videos, on youtube) giving more ideas and tips of how to stay on plan and still live. Like this one about Thanksgiving.

And after a lot of thought, and discussion, and going back and forth about what I am going to do to control my eating, I have decided to follow the 21 day fix meal plan. I am still doing P90 workouts for now, but I am eating via the container method. It makes sense, it makes me feel good, and I don't have to pay monthly for it :D

If you are hung up on the name, don't be. Look past that and see what could be a great solution for you long term. Portion control eating is nothing new. But having easy color coded containers to measure stuff in, and a clear cut eating plan of how many of each container to eat a day is, and it makes life a little bit easier, which isn't that the point?

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