Operation Skinny Jeans: Thanksgiving- Plan of attack!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving- Plan of attack!

I am notorious for going crazy on Thanksgiving. I love food, especially thanksgiving food, and I am always that person who fills up their plate and goes back for seconds. In past years I have tried to be better, but I always end up feeling deprived so I go back and get more and I end up feeling bloated and ashamed that I lost control again.

We all have triggers to overeat. Buffets are mine. Especially holiday buffets. Social situations give me anxiety, and I try to combat that with stuffing my face, apparently. But my plan this year is to be different. And I think the reason it will be is that I am looking at the holiday differently. For the last, at least 6 years, I have been "dieting" over Thanksgiving. I make a sweeping declaration that I am not going to overeat and I set myself up for failure. I grab only a little bit of turkey and veggies, and then stare longingly at the stuffing and mashed potatoes I am not eating. Which usually ends with me caving, grabbing some and then feeling overly full after seconds.

But this year I have a plan! I am not dieting over Thanksgiving (or at all, which I think makes a huge difference) but instead I am just going to enjoy it. I know what portions look like, I know how to eat in moderation, and I am going to have a little bit of everything I want, and I am going to stop when I am full.

I am also going to move that morning, whether at home or if the weather is nice maybe go for a run. I tend to eat better when I workout so I think that will help. But really other than that, I am just going to enjoy it. Thanksgiving is one day of the year, one meal out of literally over 1000. It isn't going to kill me to enjoy it responsibly.

I am learning the way we think about food has a lot to do with how we consume it. When something is special or a treat, we tend to covet it and overindulge. If we look at it as just another meal in a series of lots of other meals, we can set aside our emotions and just eat it. It is hard, but taking the emotions out of food can make it a lot easier to manage your temptations.

Any tips or tricks for getting through Thanksgiving? Leave them below! We can get through it together!

And if you want some help staying on track between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Ash and my diet bet starts on Thursday!

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