Operation Skinny Jeans: Reflections

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Week 1 of November is almost over and I have a few reflections.

1. I am a terrible planner. It's a hard fact to face, because I am the queen of "plan plan plan" but when it comes to actually doing it, I ride the struggle bus. Actually I think I am a fine planner, I struggle with the follow through. Things are always going to happen that derail my day, fires at work, family stuff, etc. I need to be better about rolling with the punches, especially this time of year.

2. I am not very good about spending my time wisely. This month, on top of work, working out and blogging, I decided to write a novel and get back into reading. I have to say on day 6, at least ONE of those things have fallen to the wayside. Even when I wake up early, like today, and get my workout in first thing, I am up late thinking of all the things I didn't get to today. I need to schedule my time better.

3. ACTUALLY cooking is the hardest part about eating healthy. I love healthy foods, I have discovered that, but I don't always feel like cooking after a long day of work. I do it anyway, but its not my favorite. Maybe I should use my crock pot more...

4. My mood and attitude greatly affect the intensity in which I workout. I don't like working out right after I wake up because I am not really in a good mood right out of bed. I need to figure out how to get in a better mood before I press play, so I can kick ass at every workout, instead of groaning through them some days.

5. I am not perfect. That's nothing new, I knew that, but accepting it is hard. I feel pressure (probably imaginary) to be perfect for you guys, and it is exhausting. I don't live in a bubble, I am not a perfect person. I need to let myself off the hook for that sometimes.

The good news is, November is just beginning and I have some time to improve. This journey is so up and down, emotionally and weight wise. I will feel like a rockstar for a month, and then have a bad couple days. And not bad like I binged or didn't workout, just bad emotionally. I gotta shake it off, and keep on trucking. Motivation is something you do daily, not something you have inherently.

This week I am gonna be better.
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