Operation Skinny Jeans: Never Surrender November

Monday, November 3, 2014

Never Surrender November

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I just launched my latest challenge, Never Surrender November. Here's what it's all about, feel free to play along at home (or on IG).

But as I was creating this challenge, I decided that Never Surrender would be the theme of everything in my life this November. I feel like I got my groove back in October, and now I want to keep that going. This month I am going to make consistency and intensity my best friends and.... never surrender.... 

Starting with some goals! It's P90 B time! I am so stoked to have new workouts to do! And I am super pumped by this November challenge. Also, I had a small MFP tragedy this weekend when I was super busy on Saturday and forgot to log my food, so I lost my streak :( What sucks is it was a good day, I just forgot to log it. BUT it gives me a fresh start for November. My goal there is to not miss another day and make it all 30. 

So this month's goals are:

1. P90 the shit out of this month. 
2. Increase my reps on every move of the November challenge. 
3. Run 20 miles this month.
4. Log every day in MFP
5. Go to the weight room. Hopefully lift stuff but even GOING would be a huge step.

I am so ready to kick ass this month! What are your goals? Share them below and we can do them together!

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