Operation Skinny Jeans: NaNoWriMo is stealing my brain

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaNoWriMo is stealing my brain

 I have sat in front of this blank page for over 45 minutes, trying to think of something to write. And all I can think to do is explain why my brain has lost the ability to form coherent thoughts this morning.


National Novel Writing Month.

I am not a writer. I mean I am a blogger, which is kind of like a writer, but I don't write fiction. I never have. Even when I was in the Creative Writing club in High School, I wrote poetry. Lots of really bad poetry. Its not that I don't have an imagination, I just don't know how to put my thoughts into words that have plot and character development. Its a skill I don't have. But it's a skill I have always WISHED I had.

My sister was always the creative writer. She was writing fiction from the day she write. I have always been a documenter. I have kept a diary since the age of 6, and when we got the internet in 2002, I started blogging instead of journaling. But I have always dreamt of being able to write a story. Develop characters and worlds with my words. It 's the shiny object I have never been able to grab.

So this year, I decided to go for it. I have an idea and some guidance from friends who write, and I am diving right in. But all of that writing has left me wordless here. At least today.

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