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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Your Biggest Weakness

So I had a job interview this morning and I just knew they were going to ask me that question. I don't like preparing an answer because it feels rehearsed and disingenuous. I think its better to be candid in that moment. So I was.

What's funny is my biggest weakness applies both to my position in an office, and my life in general. What is it, you ask? I give so freely that I have a hard time being selfish with my time.

I think this is the plight of every people pleaser, as it certainly has always been mine. The place it comes from is entirely different now than before, but its still there. I used to give give give because I wanted acceptance. I felt like I had nothing to bring to the table except my indentured servitude. I have a really terrible and funny example of this that I definitely won't get into, but my desire to help other people has gotten me into some interesting situations. Now that I actually have self confidence and self worth, I give out of a genuine desire to enrich other people's lives. I want to help you so much. It genuinely enriches my life when you succeed. I am SO excited when you succeed and it brings me so much happiness. But that doesn't mean its not my weakness.

I made a decision a few months ago to focus on me. It was selfish and uncomfortable but I decided that I needed to come first for once. I came clean about the Marathon. I came clean with myself about how I was going through the motions, and I decided that I needed to work on me, for me. And through that, I think I have actually become a better leader! I have been able to help you more effectively because I am taking care of me.

I'm sure I will always struggle with this. My heart is too big to not care so much for all of you. And I am sure I will always struggle to answer that question. It's hard admitting faults.

On my drive home tho I came up with the perfect answer. My biggest weakness is that I have never been a very good dancer. It's something I have always struggled with ;)

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