Operation Skinny Jeans: Progress

Friday, October 24, 2014


Like I mentioned when I updated my About Me tab, I need to also update my progress tab. Its been a few months so I thought I would re-do it too.

I think more than just pictures, its important to show weight progress and measurement progress. As you know this journey for me hasn't been all down, which is actually really normal. I have met a lot of really awesome people along the way that have struggled with plateaus, regains, and being stuck. I believe it is what you do after that that matters. Some have quit. Some have deleted their instagrams and started over. Some keep on chugging along. It can he so discouraging when you find yourself taking steps backward, but its nothing to be ashamed of, it's part of the process.

So I wanted to show you what losing 60 lbs, gaining 30 back and losing 5 of that looks like, cause thats me today.

And here is what it looks like on a graph

Am I happy that I gained that weight back? Nope. Not even a little bit. But I got out of control, and it happened. Am I proud that that line is going back down right now? FUCK yes. I am back in control and that is what matters. 

Am I pleased as punch that I have lost almost 10 inches from my waist? You bet your ass I am. 

I knew I would struggle with weight loss. This shit is hard. When I started this blog, I did so to chronicle my struggle and my journey, not my success. I never promised I would succeed. I am proud that I haven't given up yet, and thats what matters. 

This is progress. 

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