Operation Skinny Jeans: P90 Week 2

Monday, October 20, 2014

P90 Week 2

So I just finished Week 2 of P90! I am really excited about my progress and I am still loving the program!

In case you missed it, I posted a video about week 1 last Monday, and I will be making another one to post today.

So far I can feel my strength improving and I am able to do more/ longer while still maintaining good form. I think by the time we move on to B, I will be able to do pretty much everything unmodified, hopefully even sprawls. My half push ups are getting better, which is awesome, and overall I am just feeling really good! 

I am going to keep going on schedule this week, but I might add a little something to what I am doing. I am starting Shaun T's Diet Bet this week, and I want to crush that, and I am kinda missing PiYo, so I might add a few of those in. Or some P90X3 Yoga and Pilates. Who knows. 

I am also going to try to get closer to my macros each day. I have been staying under them for the most part, but I haven't focused on adding more food at the end of the day to get exactly to them. I want to at least hit my protein. I have learned tho, that you have to track your food before your workouts because your workouts change your macros. Fun fact! 

Oh and I am sure what you all have been waiting for, as of this morning (and my new official weigh day, doing it Wednesday for one thing and Monday for another got confusing) is I am down another 1.5 this week, so 4.2 total in 2 weeks. I am super excited about that! And that puts me firmly back in the 240's, which feels pretty good too. Hopefully with more focus and calorie burn I can get back to where I was in the 230's and keep moving right along. 

If you are interested in talking to me about P90, you can always email me at Jess at operationskinnyjeans dot com. It's on sale until the end of the month, and a portion of the proceeds are being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project this month. 

Here's to another awesome week!
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