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Friday, October 17, 2014

Looks I Love

So as you probably know, I love to go shopping. I don't have the money to buy 99% of what I want, but I can live vicariously through the internet. Some places that I love, tho, are almost impossible to go to in person. Torrid is one of these. Sure, I could drive 45 miles to the other side of town, but 1. Who has that kind of time? and 2. Who has money for that gas??

So instead, I get to get my lust out over the internet. If there is something I just HAVE to have, I might plan a day trip over there one weekend. But for now, I am happy with this :D

So allow me to present to you something that might happen more than once- Looks I Love. Virtual shopping for stores I can't get to to take dressing room selfies of clothes I am never going to be able to afford ;)

First up is Torrid (which you could have guessed.) I looked through their website and found some pre-made outfits that I love! How lucky is that! Here they are.


The first look is something I would wear on date night! I like the military detailing on the top, and how it flows which is really flattering. I think that top would also look great with jeans, so there's that. I also am in the theoretical market for some cigarette black skinnies. In theory they make your legs look longer. My legs are short as shit so if that will help, I am happy to try. 

I have to say I am kinda in love with this dress. I discovered that peplum is super flattering on me this summer, and I think this dress has it all. It's sexy and a little sophisticated, and is something I would totally wear to my husband's work Christmas party. Yep- I might have to make a day trip for that beauty. 

I am tapping into my inner lumberjack this season with my love of plaid. I have always been afraid of it, but I am obsessed with my plaid shirt from Old Navy. I pair it with rolled up skinnies like these (tho mine have WAY less holes) but I am totally digging the combat boots. I am not sure I would buy jeans like this, I am just fine with less hole-y skinnies, but I need some combat boots. 

And back with the peplum. I like the sweetheart neckline, great for chesty girls like myself, and the lace detail is pretty! I would wear this on date night too. Or on a Tuesday. I am cool with looking fancy sometimes. 

I am also loving the colors with all of these. Hunter green is one of my favorites and happens to bring out my green eyes. And black is always in. 

So yeah- that's what I am loving right now at Torrid! If there are any stores you want me to virtually shop, I am more than happy to do so. Leave suggestions below :D And I am sure you know this, but Torrid doesn't know me and I was not perked or paid to write this. Just a bored girl on the internet wishing she had 7 million dollars to buy all the clothes with. 

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