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Friday, September 26, 2014

What's Next

September is almost over, and I am always thinking "what's next." I have always said that when something stops working, or I get bored, I switch it up! I like to keep things interesting so I am always giving 100%. Just over 3 weeks ago I told you all about the 21 Day Fix, and I posted my results on Monday on Facebook, but I thought I would post them here too!

In the 21 days I lost 7.9 lbs. I didn't measure inches, but I will for my next plan.

I struggled a little bit in the last week with the SNAP challenge. I couldn't afford fruit, or nearly enough carbs, so those two containers suffered. But I got in my protein and veggies so it wasn't a complete loss. I also didn't drink Shakeology that last week which left me bloated like the Hindenburg. But I wanted to stay true to the challenge so I gave it up. 

But that is over, and a success in my opinion, so I am on to the next thing. Back in June, when Beachbody announced a new program coming this fall, P90, I knew I wanted to try it. My first dance with Beachbody programs was with P90X3, which I loved and had great results from, but I struggled with a LOT because even the modified moves sometimes were too hard. I just can't do a donkey kick or plyo pushup right now in my journey and I know that held me back. 

But when they announced P90, my eyes got wide, and I knew this was it.  I love Tony Horton, if that wasn't already clear, so the idea that he created a beginners version of P90X, that was all P90 science, but none of the extreme, I knew I could do it, and I knew I could CRUSH it. And once the test group results started coming out, I grew even more excited. Women my size, in the mid 200's were losing 40-50 lbs! In 3 months! I knew that if I stuck to the program, REALLY stuck it out, and did the whole thing, I could have awesome results too. 

So that is my plan. 

It was released on Tuesday, and I bought it that day. It will get here on Monday and thats when I am starting. I am doing a test group with other people starting the 6th, but I want to be a week ahead to prepare everyone for what is coming. I am also going to vlog my way through the program. I want to record it all, and so I am going to do so on video. I think it will be a really cool way to look at my transformation over the next 3 months, and a great accountability source too. I haven't got all that set up yet, so stay tuned. I should have the first one done on Tuesday ish, with what comes in the box and all about the program. 

So yeah! That is my plan! I start Monday and day 90 is New Years eve. 

And as far as running goes, I am easing back into it. I have a 5K plan I am following, and today is "walk a mile" which I know I can handle. I just want to fall back in love with it. No big goals, no races for now, just me and the pavement getting to trust each other again. My next race (whether thats in the next month or year) will be a 5K. I want to RUN a 5K before I move on from there. And like run the entire thing. 

Will I be sharing my meals like I was for a hot minute? No. I mean maybe periodically if I make something delicious or photogenic. But I realized that it wasn't helping me and 80% of the time I would forget to take the picture before I started eating, and nothing is grosser than a picture of a half eaten dinner. It wasn't practical for me. I am going to look at the meal plan that comes with P90 and decide if I want to track via MFP. I am not a huge fan of tracking, but I know it works. So we will see what the program looks like. 

Will I be weighing in every week? Potentially? I have learned never to promise anything because life happens and I just don't know. I don't weigh myself weekly right now. On saturday if I wake up, don't poop and get dressed before I think about it, I am not going to weigh that day. But since I will be vlogging I will try to be more consistent about that. The fact is tho that my weight in the middle doesn't matter to me. I have gone from scale OBSESSED to scale apathetic. I wear clothes, I can feel how things are working. I don't need to weigh myself all the time to stay accountable. It just becomes an obsession for me. 

Oh! And someone asked me about my intentions of becoming yoga certified. Yeah- like not this year. I didn't mean for that to sound like I was doing it tomorrow. Its expensive, and I am no where near where I need to be physically to do that. But I have my good friend Caren  who is an instructor that I have plans to work with in the meantime. This fitness journey for me isn't a short term thing. I think its okay to have long term goals, and becoming a yoga instructor is definitely a LONG term goal. 

If you want some support and accountability for October, I am running a free challenge called Rocktober. I will be posting my check ins every day, like everyone else, so we can keep each other accountable. And the person with the most points at the end gets the new 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook (that I am in love with) so it doesn't hurt to try. 

I think that's it! I am curious what your plan looks like this fall! Trying anything new? 

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