Operation Skinny Jeans: Real Life Fashion- Old Navy Style

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Real Life Fashion- Old Navy Style

Remember this? I do! 

Ginny and I are dorks and love shopping! So we picked out a staple at Old Navy, this black dress, and  styled it 3 ways each! Since I first discovered the dress in my last shopping trip to Old Navy, I have 4 looks :D

I fell in love with this dress the first time I tried it on. Its a great cut, very flattering, and I love that the neckline is higher so it is good for bigger busted ladies like myself! It is good for work or casual or even fancy events if you accessorize it correctly so I thought I would share my favorites! All the accessories and shoes *except my Converse in one pic* are from Old Navy :D

#1- The Original :D I would wear this to work or maybe to a happy hour or dinner date. Casual- Fancy rating, I would give it a 7.

Brown belt and Leopard (tho hard to see) flats
#2- Casual Friday. I would wear this- you guessed it- on casual Friday. Or maybe with flats on a Tuesday. I would also wear this to book club or brunch. Or really any day. I love this look. EFF I want that necklace.
Boyfriend Sweater, Chunky Necklace (that I need) and leopard print sneakers 

#3- Boss is in the Office. On very very rare occasions I wear heels. These nude heels are cute and not too high. I liked the colors of the scarf and thought they went well together. I thought a belt would be too much, but now I kinda think a belt would be good. Hm.

Nude heels and Scarf
#4 Lazy Sunday or super casual Friday, like do you even have to wear dress pants M-Th? This look would have totally worked any day of the week at my last job because I could wear jeans and t-shirts all week. I would definitely wear this on a weekend tho. Its cute and casual and I should have sized down that shirt, it looks sloppy. Oh well.

Chambray shirt (that was too big, oops) and brown canvas belt
#5 (because I suck at math and actually bought this dress with a gift card from my birthday and wore it to see a play and go out to dinner). I would call this... I don't know, Fancy ish. Theatre appropriate, probably work too... (note- none of these accessories (except the necklace) are from Old Navy...)

Belt from Target, Boots from Lane Bryant and I was wearing black tights from lord knows where

And here is all the stuff I used. Except I can't find jewelry on their website! Weird...

Old Navy

OH and in case you are curious, yes you do need this dress. Go get it. It's only $25. And no, I wish Old Navy knew who I was, sadly they don't so no free stuff for me. OH and I am in an XL in that dress. And the sweater. I grabbed a XXL for the blue top and should have grabbed an XL.

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