Operation Skinny Jeans: Polar FT60 Review

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Polar FT60 Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Polar. 
While I got the HRM in exchange for this review, my opinions, experience, pictures, screen shots and bad jokes, as always, are all my own.

I am so excited that I was given the opportunity to review the Polar FT60 by FitFluential. I have been using an FT4 on and off since I got it for Christmas but I always wanted a little something more. The FT60 has that more (and more lol)

The first thing I noticed that was different was that it connects to http://polarpersonaltrainer.com through this fancy device called a Polar Flow Link. All I have to do is plug the Flow Link into my computer, set the watch on top, and it will upload my data right to the website. 
I included this picture because it boggled my mind how to connect the two. Apparently you just sit it on there. 
I love this feature. I love that it is easier to visualize and track my workouts and training progress than just looking through the training files.

Here is the training screen of the website. 

In here you can see your workouts at a glance on the calendar, as well as your monthly fitness zone summary. When you first get the Polar FT60 you can do a Fitness Test (which I did) that measures your VO2max and creates training zones. It then measures these zones during your workout and lets you know how long you were in each zone. 

Another super awesome thing you can do is create training programs. I wasn't sure how this would work before I did it but its super easy. I created a STAR program, which is a great place to begin so the Polar can get to know you and your habits. It sets a goal for you to reach for the whole week, and then reports progress on those goals with a daily reminder on the watch. I love the little reminder to workout. I think anything that helps motivate people to get moving, and having a tool that sets goals for you, that are customized as you go based on how you do, is a great tool for people just starting out. 

So you can see the STAR program wants me to workout for 4 hrs 5 minutes this week and burn 2250 calories. I did the math and that equals out to about 30 minutes a day (for 7 days) and about 300 calories a session. TOTALLY doable. It also sets targets for your heart rate zones. So you can see I spent equal amounts of time in each zone with my workout yesterday, which probably means I need to back off when my heart rate gets too high to stay in zone 2. I wouldn't have known that if it didn't tell me :D And if you don't want to plug in to the computer to see what your goals are for the week, the watch will tell you too. 

And once I complete a few weeks of STAR training, I am going to look into the more specified training programs. Probably running or a fitness program because I don't have a bike :D

And if challenges keep you going, they have a whole slew of them you can join! If I do a running program I will probably pick up the GPS sensor and Foot Pod so it will track my distance and pace as well. 

It also has a few other cool features, like a weight record. It even plots it on a graph for you. 

And after your workout, it tells you a lot of information about it, as well as what seems to be an encouraging critique! 

I feel like I was so in the dark about what I was actually burning before. It is a lot of information, but I feel like its good, important information that will help me move forward! 

Overall I think the Polar FT60 is a great tool that has so many features above and beyond the FT4 that I love. It is a great tool for anyone, beginners who are trying to figure out where to start can use the STAR Program like I am to set goals and work toward them every week. Gym goers can use it to maximize their gym workouts, anyone can use it to gain more knowledge about what they are actually burning. I look forward to using the crap out of this thing. 

And here is an awesome thing! Polar is giving anyone who uses this code 10% off the price of this sweet HRM. You can buy the FT60 here and use the code FitPolarFT60 (yes it is case sensitive) to get 10% off. And the code doesn't expire until 10/11/14 so you have some time! 

Do you use a heart rate monitor? Which feature do you like the best? I think my favorite part is the STAR training! 

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  1. I've been using my FT4 for about a year and have been debating whether to upgrade. I basically just use mine to get an accurate calorie burn to track in myfitnesspal, but you did a great job highlighting how the FT60 can help with training!

  2. Wow, Polar really stepped up their game. I have the FT4 and love having an idea of what kind of calories I'm burning and what my HR is for certain workouts. This new one has a lot more bells and whistles though!

  3. Wow, this looks awesome! I am researching which one to get for my birthday and I think I have found the contender!

  4. So cool! I am going to start saving for one of these or that fancy Garmin I have been eyeing. :)


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