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Monday, September 29, 2014


Ok I know I was going to talk more about P90 today but I don't have the package yet so its hard to talk about it without having it. I promise I will post about it when I get it!

So instead I am going to talk about motivation. I get asked a lot how I stay motivated, and I have answered "I do it every day." which is right, but I think another part of that is I never stop learning. I have discovered motivation isn't something you just have, its something you have to pursue, actively, every single day. I am not that person that wakes up every morning, sings about the birdies and is always excited about fitness and healthy living. I am not sure that person exists. I am just as unmotivated as everyone else, I just do something about it instead of wallowing in it.

I read. I love reading to learn and personal development has helped me overcome my binge eating. It has also helped me understand more about myself and how fitness and commitment to it isn't just about loving to workout and eat healthy. Its about figuring out what works for you, and doing it with variety, consistency and intensity. Reading personal development is a huge part of staying motivated for me.

I get inspired! I love reading other success stories! I want to know what worked for you because it inspires me! I follow lots of inspirational people on Instagram and Facebook, and I read lots of blogs that keep me going! I love seeing other people succeed. It really motivates me to kick ass!

But something I have learned is that inspiration and motivation aren't the same thing. You can be inspired by other people and things, but you have to internalize it INTO motivation. You can not be motivated by other people, motivation comes from inside. I think a lot of people look to other people to motivate them, but that isn't going to get you anywhere. Motivation comes from inside.

Find something that keeps you going, and do it daily. Consistency will trump feeling motivated when you need it to. But learn how to find motivation in yourself to keep yourself going.

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