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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cold Weather Running Gear

It's fall! Finally! My favorite time of year!

I love the weather and the pumpkin stuff and especially running. I don't think its any secret that I prefer running (jogging, wogging, whatever you want to call it) outside in cooler weather. The heat and I are not friends. But now that its cooling off, I am getting back into the habit of getting outside for a run.

Its less of a need right now, since you could go out and not freeze in a t-shirt, but with cooler weather running comes a different set of clothes. So I went online to Old Navy, my favorite place to buy workout stuff, and put together my list of running in cooler weather essentials. They are pretty obvious.

Cold weather running gear

So its cold outside, put some pants on. I love Old Navy compression pants, so I chose two of my faves, the striped tight ones, and (the ones I wear most of the time) the straight leg in black. They are my jam. They are comfy, move nicely, are warm enough without feeling like a leg sauna, and they are compression so you feel secure and not... floppy? yeah that.

Next is tops. Long sleeve. See, I told you obvious. I will run in short sleeves until about 60 degrees, then I prefer long sleeves. You can always push them up. I like an open neck so I can regulate my temperature, unless it is particularly cold, then a fleece hoodie is the way to go.

Keep in mind to always wear less than you think you need. Running (or whatever you are doing out there) makes you warmer than you think. Its a pain to strip off layers as you go, so its better to freeze for the first half mile until your body warms up. Also take into account the sun. If its pretty chilly out but the sun is out, you will get warmer than you expect.

When winter rolls around, I usually wear fleece lined leggings under my compression pants, and I have a fleece lined running shirt for extreme occasions. I love running in the snow tho, so I have those things. And gloves, those are a good idea. I don't like stuff on my head, so I don't wear earmuffs or hats, but thats a personal choice.

Don't be afraid to get outside just because its getting a little cooler. I think it is way more pleasant to run in the cold, but maybe I am weird.

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