Operation Skinny Jeans: Back on Track!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back on Track!

I am so excited about this month.

First, I love September. Its fall, its my birth month, and it is just the perfect month, in my opinion. It is like my spirit month or something  :D So I am especially excited because last week I feel really good about my goals and what I accomplished! I ate well and I worked out 4 times for a total of over 4 hours! I could not realistically tell you the last time I worked out for over 4 hours in a week. And on top of all that, I burned just under 2400 calories! In a week! Woo :D

I am ready to keep this momentum up! My FT60 set the same goals for me this week, with the comment that I need to stay the heck out of zone 3. Specifically "Lighter training is highly recommended. Make sure you reduce training time in zone 3." I am working on it! So I am looking at different workouts in my huge library and seeing what I can do to still get a good workout but keep my heart rate under 155. I am also doing some research to understand why my watch is so adamant about me not going over that. 

Goals for this week!

Keep on keeping on with food. I feel good with where I am with the 21 Day Fix so I plan to keep on that plan. 

Workout more times for less time. I am shooting for 6 home workouts and a longer run so a little bit every day, rather than 4 long days. 

Actually get outside. Confession- I haven't gone for a run yet. I think I have built it up in my mind and I am scared. Just gotta do it! If I can workout like I did last week, I can get my ass outside and run a little bit. 

I plan on not letting my birthday this week derail me. Mostly by not making any plans at all. In fact- I am working that night anyway, so with any luck no cake will be consumed. And if I do, whatever. It won't ruin me. 

Bring it on September! Let do this! 
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  1. Love it! I feel the exact same way about October.. it is fall.. it is my birthday month.. I come alive during October. I also work out a LOT more when the weather cools, heat makes me not want to workout! Happy Birthday :)

  2. I call BS on your HRM watch. You'll do a lot more for your health by pushing yourself harder than moderately slugging along. Google 'heart rate fat burning zone myth' which is where i found this article http://www.builtlean.com/2013/04/01/fat-burning-zone-myth/

    If it seems too good to be true... :)

  3. I use my HRM when I run sometimes to work on low heart rate training. I burn a lot more calories when I am doing than because I'm keeping my heart rate at the optimum rate to get the most calorie burn out of a workout. I don't do that for all runs but I have started trying to do that once a week at least. It helps with recovery time as well.

  4. I love September too. Still so nice out but with less humidity. I feel like a lot of the social obligations that come alone with summer slow down this month too which really helps with better eating. I can totally relate about the running outside thing. I get myself nervous too and more often than not just run on the treadmill. But I pushed myself outside a few times last week and it was better than I expected. Get out there! And happy birthday.

  5. I am the same way with October.. Its my birthday, fall, anniversary and typically I go on vacation this month!! So excited for you to keep up the hard work this week!! You can do it!!! Happy Birthday Month!!


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