Operation Skinny Jeans: Are you wearing your giveashit pants today?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Are you wearing your giveashit pants today?

Weight loss is hard. This journey is hard, and never goes the way you want it to. And there are two ways to react to it. You can quit, which is easier, or you can keep going.

I have failed at a lot of things in life, which I have talked about before, and I have let my failures define me. But something I decide every day is to not fail at this. I may stumble, I may even fall flat on my face, but I will not fail.

I heard an awesome quote today- Think of your failures as bruises, not tattoos. And call them not failures but experiences. There is a life between "Success" and "Failure". Its where we try. And only you, through consistency and intent and true perseverance, can decide which its gonna be.

My experiences, my bumps and bruises, have shaped my journey. They have nudged me in the right direction, where I will no doubt bump into something else along the way, and course correct. But if I decided that every bump and nudge and bruise was a failure, I would have given up a LONG time ago. Don't be afraid of the bumps. Don't turn them into failures. You can have the shittiest of shitty days, but you only fail if you decide not to wake up and try again. And the choice is yours. You can choose to let your struggles be your downfall. You DECIDE to stop trying. Your failure is your choice. And only you can choose it. Failures and experiences look the same, its all about how you choose to react to them.

I have chosen too many times to sit down and pout. When life gave me lemons, I said fuck it, I am gonna sit here with my lemons and stop trying. And where did that get me? No where. And I didn't like that anymore so I stood back up, left the lemons behind and just kept moving forward. No matter what bumps I hit along the way, I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Other people's opinion of your journey are none of your concern. Whether you are doing it fast enough or the right way, or whatever is up to you. It is your journey. You do you.

So today I implore you, no matter where you are in your journey, to try today. Just today. If you are on fire and haven't hit bumps, that should be easy. If you are sitting on that bumpy road surrounded by lemons throwing a lemon themed pity party, stand up. What is one day going to hurt. Just try today. Tomorrow you can grab those lemons and keep pouting, but today, give it a try. Move more than normal, eat something green, drink some water and smile. Give today some giveashit and do your best. Then if you want, decide to do it again tomorrow. That is progress. Its one day, no matter what happened the last day, deciding to put your giveashit pants on and just do the darn thing.

k? Lets just try today.
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