Operation Skinny Jeans: 21 Day Fix!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

21 Day Fix!

I started my 2nd round of the 21 Day Fix yesterday, and I had a few people ask me to write a post about it and so I am :D

The 21 Day Fix is a program through Beachbody that is based on a 21 Day Cycle. Its different from most of their other programs in a few ways. 1. The time. Most programs are 60 to 90 days. This one is just 3 weeks. 2. The food part. Most (if not all) programs come with a nutrition guide, but this is the only program that treats what you eat as equally important as the workouts. That's one of the main reasons I love it.

A lot of people, myself included, can figure out the workout part. While getting up, doing it and committing long term are hard, the workouts are the easiest part of losing weight. The hard part is changing how you look at food. When we were brought up, there was basically zero education on nutrition. We ate what our parents cooked (which 90% of the time came from a box or a can) or what our parents picked up on their way home. We always had seconds and we didn't think twice about it. We either took a cold lunch to school (PB&J, Fruit, Yogurt) or ate hot lunch (Pizza, lets be honest you always chose pizza). It was a crap shoot if we even ate breakfast, but if we did it was pop tarts or cereal, depending if we were running late or not.

In school, health class was more about drugs and hygiene than actually living healthily, and the only nutrition thing I can remember learning about in school is that if you don't get enough calcium you get osteoporosis. So as an adult, it isn't shocking that my meals consisted of a crap ton of hamburger helper, pizza, spaghetti and mac & cheese. These are the things I grew up eating and I knew how to cook. It wasn't until I started actually trying to lose weight that I realized I was starving my body of real nutrition.

So I tried clean eating (which, to be honest, the first time I heard of it sounded like an insurmountable task) and I started to get used to it. I stopped eating things out of a box and most things out of a can. But I still felt like something was missing. While I was certainly eating better, I in no way felt like I had a grasp on what "Good Nutrition" looked like.

Enter the 21 Day Fix. When I first looked at the meal plan, my reaction was "Holy crap thats a lot of food!". I, like most dieters, had found myself in the school of thought that the only way to lose weight was to eat 1200 calories. Which of course for me looked like 1200 calories of healthy food and 1200 calories of bingeing because fuck I was hungry. I started researching BMR and stuff like that but I never knew what proportion of each kind of food I should be eating every day. That is where the 21 Day Fix helped open my eyes.

The way the nutrition plan works is you calculate what zone you are in by your weight, then the chart tells you how many of each container to eat every day.

Then there is a guide in the book that tells you what foods can go in each container. What I love about this is that really no food is off limits. The list is pretty exhaustive, even including a multi grain frozen waffle as a yellow. The plan also allows for treats, like chocolate and wine. Both are measured portions (because the name of the game is portion control) but they count as a yellow and can be swapped out 3 times a week. You can even have potato chips (as a treat). 

So I feel like it is a really do-able plan. It helps you understand portion size (and how off you have probably been) as well as how many of each food group you need to eat each day. 

But the cool thing is that it also comes with workouts. One of my favorite things about doing P90X3 was the variety. You only do each workout 3 times, and there are 18 different workouts so you never get bored and you are always doing something new. One of my least favorite things about T25 was that it was pretty much the same kind of workout remixed. It got repetitive. My favorite thing about the 21 Day Fix workouts is that they are more like P90X3. There is so much variety. There are 7 workouts, done each day (because its only 3 weeks, you maximize your time) and every workout is different. The workouts are 

Total Body Cardio Fix (cardio with weights)
Upper Fix (arms, chest and back)
Lower Fix (leg day)
Pilates Fix (pilates....duh)
Cardio Fix (more like T25, killer cardio)
Dirty 30 (like bootcamp, all over and awesome)
Yoga Fix (like rest day, but yoga :D)

So you get the variety that I like so you don't get bored. And it's only 3 weeks so if there is a workout you don't love, you only have to do it 3 times, which helps me push through. And all the workouts are 30 minutes. 

Overall, I would have to say that the 21 Day Fix is my favorite Beachbody program. It is great for beginners because it has it all there. And its great for people trying to tone up because the workouts really are killer, and everyone needs good nutrition. Plus its only 3 weeks so you can use it between programs as a way to reset, or as your one and only but just keep doing cycle after cycle. 

If I had to pick one thing I don't love about the 21 Day Fix, it would be the planning required. It takes some time to wrap your head around planning your meals around the containers. And it takes prep work to stay on track during the day. You can make eating out work with it, but it takes planning. I have determined that planning is essential in any program so it doesn't bother me, but it is something people might not think about. 

So yeah- there is my lowdown on the 21 Day Fix. I am going to be doing it for the next 28 days (Rebel, I know) and see where I want to go from there. I might keep going, I might switch it up, who knows. 

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  1. I really appreciate your review on the 21 Day Fix because I have read a lot of different ones and yours is the first to actually explain how it all works instead of just saying you had to prep and eat from containers. It makes a lot more sense now! Did you like your results from it? Portion control is my number one problem!

  2. Thanks!! I really appreciate this. Sounds like a really good plan. Do you only get one set of containers? I saw online it is $60 plus $12 shipping. Is that right?

  3. I see infomercials for this all the time so thanks for the scoop! Any idea if I could buy this with just the meal plan? Like you said, I have no problem doing the exercise part but nutrition is something I really need help understanding and finding a plan that works for me.

  4. The 21 day fix is on special this month, I think I may be ordering it - great review!

  5. I would agree the meal planning is my least favorite part!


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