Operation Skinny Jeans: Quest Protein Chips Review

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quest Protein Chips Review

SO this is totally a review for Quest Protein Chips. I was given 3 bags of chips for free in exchange for my review. But don't worry, the opinions are all my own. 

When I saw that Quest was coming out with a chip, I got excited! I used to eat chips a lot but I don't really eat them anymore. I will occasionally grab their Quest Bars, when I am near a GNC, so I knew they made good stuff. It was also cool that they are packed with protein.

Now for someone like me, who doesn't count macros, or try to reach a certain level of protein a day, this was less important, but a nice bonus. Protein keeps you full, helps you recover from workouts and has lots of benefits for your body. But I can totally see how these would be a god send for anyone counting their macros or trying to eat a high protein diet.


Overall- they were good! The texture is different from a normal chip, but if you don't expect that you are fooling yourself. The flavor tho was really good, and satisfied the "chip" cravings. I especially liked the BBQ. It had a good smokey BBQ chip flavor and I couldn't stop eating them. I also liked the Sea Salt, but I am a chip purist- plain old baked lays are my fave. The Cheddar and Sour Cream was good too- had the same flavor as those orange chips.


I was happy that they were only 120 calories, and that they had 21grams of protein, which is a lot more protein than normal chips. And they only have 2 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbs. Not too shabby. The BBQ flavor does have 230 mgs of sodium, which is kinda high, but right on point with Lays, which have 270. The sea salt are comparable too, 190 for Quest, 170 for Lays. I also like that they are soy free.


Would I buy them? Maybe? I don't eat chips, and I don't follow a high protein diet. But I totally recommend them if you need more protein in your life. They are satisfying and I would buy them for that reason. But if I become the kind of person who counts macros or goes on a high protein diet, they are a great snack.

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  1. Where did you buy them? I LOVE quest bars, I had to stop buying them because I was eating them all the time.

  2. I love Quest bars and I want to try their chips as soon as I can find them.


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