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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Plan Plan Plan

I am a goal setter, you guys know that. But it's kinda impossible to be a goal achiever without a plan, so I am becoming a planner :D

Long term success is just the culmination of consistently doing small things that add up to big achievements. Thats the case in all areas of life. Plus it is so much easier to wrap your head around doing something BIG if you break it down into small bite-sized pieces. Whether your goal is to save money to buy something big, to lose weight or to get into a routine, breaking those big goals into a daily plan will keep you on the right track.

In the past, I have struggled with this. I would set a goal and hope that I was on the right track, without any real plan. That goes for pretty much all aspects of my life. Lack of planning has contributed to probably 99% of my failures in the past (weight loss ones included) so I am trying something new. Planning :D Sure, it is tedious, but I think in the long run having a plan and an idea of what I am doing will help me succeed.

Here's how I am planning.

1. I bought a big desk calendar. I like to see things in writing, so I bought a desk calendar and have planned out my workouts for the next month. Now, when I wake up, I know exactly what I am doing. I think this will help me stay accountable so I can cross the workout off my calendar when I complete it. It also has some long term planning for other stuff, but most importantly my workouts.

2. I got this fancy meal planner at Target. It sticks to your fridge and we have been using it to plan our meals. Its awesome because its on the fridge, and we can make the menu, then take a picture and go shopping for what we need. I have tried different ways of meal planning before, but I like having this on the fridge.
Thursday was shopping day so we started this week on Friday

3. I make a daily list. I did this when I didn't work from home, so that's nothing new, but I am realizing its nice to have a list at home too. I get satisfaction from crossing things off my list, and I always add what didn't get done to the next day's list so I don't forget anything. It helps :D

4. I put the DVD in the DVD player. I know that sounds obvious, but in the morning when you are trying to work out, it just makes it SO much easier to have it cued up. I also switch the tv over so in the morning I literally just have to press play and sweat.

5. I plan out my water. I have never had trouble drinking a gallon of water a day, but something that helped me space it out better (so I wasn't peeing every 10 minutes) was to plan it out. I set hourly goals. My water bottles (shaker cup- love the lid) holds 25 ounces. I try to drink one of them every other hour throughout the day, so I am not up all night peeing. 5 of them is just shy of a gallon, then of course I drink water with my meals. So if I don't have half of it gone by the odd hour, I get to drinking! I try to drink one by 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm Then I am good and I don't have to worry about fitting it in before bedtime :D

Are you a planner? How do you plan every day? I could always use more tips- kinda new to this whole thing :D

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  1. I JUST got PiYo and plan on doing the 8 week challenge, starting on Monday! I will lay out my mat, set my shoes out, have my water bottle filled and ready to go, so I can roll out of bed, put on my clothes and get at er' when I get up.

    As I was told once in High School, Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail. :)

  2. I love this Jess! Sounds like a great plan and I really need that meal planner thingy in my life. :)

  3. I finally found a planner that I liked a lot and fit into whatever purse I was carrying. I cannot leave home without it, lol. And I make lists at work and home all the time. I just got a cute notebook so I can make and take lists all the time, lol. I started just planning my meals in my regular planner too. I had something separate but it just became too much everywhere for me.

  4. I am pretty much obsessed with lists and planning and keeping calendars.. mostly because it is a big part of what I do for a living but maybe that is why I love my job. Anyways, I keep a white board on the fridge and each week I split it into two sections, one for workouts daily and one for dinners daily. That way there is none of the debate that ends up becoming an excuse. I also keep a master calendar in my office of plans and anything major in there but it usually doesn't include workouts. By my bathroom door in my bedroom is my goals and inspiration, though I really LOVE the idea of making an inspiration board for my office instead! I should probably find a portable planner one of these days :)

  5. Great idea! I recently switched to a paper planner this for the year and I love being able to see everything at once.


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