Operation Skinny Jeans: Oh the amusement!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh the amusement!

I try to avoid amusement parks. I didn't go to them regularly as I was gaining weight, so when we went to Universal Studios for my honeymoon, it was a bit of a wakeup call.

Not only was I not able to fit in half the rides I wanted to ride, I had to face that embarrassment of checking. We would stand in line for over an hour, get to the front and only my husband could ride. I could have died. The first time through the Harry Potter ride, I was turned down, only to find out they have a larger seat on some of the cars that I was able to fit in, so I got to ride it. But still, you can't even IMAGINE my embarrassment getting to the front of the line only to find out I wouldn't fit in the ride.

MORTIFIED. In fact- it almost ruined amusement parks for me all together. Especially the Rock n Roller Coaster Hollywood Rip Ride Rock it (oops- wrong name- I knew it was something rock and roll-y)

We waited in line forever to ride this ride, and we were with friends so I would have been especially horrified to have to get off this one. We sit down, and all seems like its going to be fine, except the harness on this one is different. Instead of an over the shoulder harness, its an "around the waist" kind. This:

So when I pushed it around and it clicked and I could still breathe, I was pretty happy! Until the ride attendant came around. They always try to get it to close even tighter (so you don't fall out, I get it) and when she pushed it, part of my thigh got stuck between the latch and the side and got pinched. Bad. The whole way through I was in pain, crying, and when we finished, I had a bruise the size of Texas on my leg.

I have had an aversion to roller coasters ever since.

This weekend, some friends invited us to Elitch Gardens, which is an amusement park in town. I haven't been since I was 12 years old, so I wanted to go, but I was terribly nervous. Was I going to be able to fit? I know I have lost weight since my honeymoon, but I was still pretty scared. The first ride we went on was a roller coaster, so I knew if it didn't workout for that ride, I was probably out for the rest of them.

But as I pulled down my harness and locked it in, it closed! And it didn't squish me! And when the girl came over to push it down more, it clicked again and still wasn't squishing! I breathed a huge sigh of relief and was able to enjoy the day.

We went on quite a few rides, and went to the water park too and we had a great time. And I didn't have to worry about not getting to ride any of the rides or having to stand on the sidelines. It was glorious.

Here is a side by side- my honeymoon and today, same shirt.

Sometimes its the non scale victories that are the best :D
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  1. I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy reading it! Your honesty is inspiring and I think you are awesome. You are beautiful inside and out, no matter what. :) Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. LOVE this post! I love amusement parks so I'm so glad to hear you can enjoy them again :)
    Your transformation is amazing, keep up the awesome work!!
    Natalie xx
    www.theblondeethos.com - health, fitness + lifestyle blog

  3. Jess I think you might be thinking of the wrong ride. Rock N Roller Coaster is at Disney World and I believe the restraints go over your head because of the inversions.

    1. You're right! It is called the Hollywood Rip Ride Rock it. I just remembered the rock and roll theme lol.

  4. Aw Jess this is a wonderful post!! I could actually feel your mortification, or some level of it, as I'm too scared to even go near amusement parks much less wait in line! Good for you for trying again, what a feeling that must have been to get clicked in and be able to breath!! Love non scale victories!!

  5. Great inspiration!! Way to go girl!

  6. THIS is exactly why I won't go to an amusement park until I have lost a load of weight! I am too scared I will either break the equipment or just not fit. I am one of those who forever had to be the person that 'The biggest person sits here' on the Scrambler rides like this 'This is another ride where the larger guest should take the outside seat to avoid smashing the smaller guest into a tube of toothpaste.' (http://www.coaster-net.com/pics/bgw/generalrides2_matthewrydzik.jpg) and always getting hurt, would be nice to be on the other side for a change!

  7. I'm so proud of you for facing your fears and trying out the rides again . . .there's nothing more rewarding than overcoming a challenge or obstacle whether it's physical or mental!

    Good job girl - so happy for ya!



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