Operation Skinny Jeans: An August Challenge!

Friday, August 1, 2014

An August Challenge!

Last month on Instagram I threw down a little challenge. Workout for 30 minutes every day, and hashtag #thirtyforthirtyone. It got ME moving, and other people too, so I thought I would keep the spirit going with an August challenge.

Something I have never struggled with, in life and in fitness, is drinking water. I have always loved water, and I prefer it over all other drinks. I am weird, I know. BUT I know MOST people struggle with getting in their water! So I thought I would help motivate people to drink more in August.

Enter- the Agua-st Challenge.

Pretty easy- right! And the best part is there isn't a set goal. You set the goal. Wanna get in 80 ounces? Awesome! Half your weight? Cool! Its all up to you! I just want you to drink SOMETHING!

If you wanna join, hop on over to instagram :D 

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  1. aweee im late to the game... good luck!! This is such a great challenge for august!

  2. Hey Jess!

    Drinking water has always been a challenge for me. I'll take you up on this August challenge. Would you like to join me on a running challenge? More info -> http://www.rarax3.com/2014/08/mission-im-possible-august-challenge.html#more

    <3 rara


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