Operation Skinny Jeans: A round of applause

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A round of applause

It is a well known fact that advertisements are photoshopped. I don't think anyone over the age of 13 is oblivious to this, so it is something we have all come to accept. But in this wave of body positivity culture, some companies are finally taking a pledge to be more realistic in their advertising.

I am a huge fan of Mod Cloth. I used to lust over their clothes before they offered a plus size section, and now that they do, I want to bathe in their stuff. It is trendy, fashionable and actually built for plus size women. And especially plus size YOUNG women. This has been my biggest complaint of plus departments in 90% of stores, specifically Kohls. I don't shop at Kohls because they apparently assume that if you are over a size 14 you are also 65. Anyhoo- not my point.

I was watching Good Morning America this morning (something I never do, but since I am sick it was something to watch in bed) and they mentioned that Mod Cloth had taken a pledge to not photoshop their images, at least to a point where it changes the model's size, shape or skin color. To this I say bravo! I am so happy that a company I admire is taking a stand against ridiculous photoshopping (looking at you Target) and embracing that every woman looks different, and that their customers WANT to see that! Gotta say I LOVE it.

And, according to this Time article, Aerie (the underwear part of American Eagle) is also taking a pledge against photoshopping and using more imperfect women in their photos. Woop! I don't even care that they aren't plus sized, any step in the right direction is fine by me.

How do you feel about photoshopping in fashion? Plus size or otherwise.  As a woman with a less than perfect body, I love to see photos of women looking awesome with less than perfect bodies. For example I went over the Aerie website and on the front page saw a beautiful girl who was toned with stretch marks! THANK YOU! :D
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  1. Amen! I love seeing REAL women and REAL bodies!

  2. I am not a fan of the photoshopping. It is the reason why we (as a society) have an unattainable idea of what beautiful is in my opinion. Oh and I am dying to make my first Mod Cloth purchase but I can't decide what to get!

  3. My 18 yr old daughter loves Aerie because of their pledge. Jess, you killed me with the Kohl's comment because it was 100% truth. It seems like a lot of plus size places are like that. The other thing I hate/hated was all the elastic waist bands. Drives me nuts. Just because I am plus size doesn't mean I need elastic and give me less shape. Elastic just doesn't look good on anyone!

  4. I find (in the UK at least) that there are not that many high street stores, so I can't go shopping for clothes like everyone else, its either online or ebay, neither of which are great because you can't try it on before you buy! I know I might look like a whale to me but I don't need to buy clothes that prove it!

  5. "imperfect women?" For someone who tries to promote body confidence, that's a strongly negative term about someone's body. I'm not saying that every body doesn't have imperfections, but we do not become those imperfections. We are more than that.

  6. I absolutely agree! I understand photoshop is necessary for some things, but it should never be used to change a models shape. I want to see what clothes look like on real people, not a photoshopped version of someone.

  7. I love this! What a great thing to hear. I respect companies that show real women in their clothing whether "plus" or average sized.
    I know for example I will not shop at Abercrombie for my kids because of the images they portray. Thankfully my girls are not too into that look anyway.

  8. Eh,when I was at my heaviest (201,now down to 150) I shopped at Kohls for clothes in the "plus sized" section...did I have to? No I COULD HAVE worn a size 14 pant and an XL shirt but I didn't want to look like a busted can of biscuits haha;and they had some cute stuff. Have you ever shopped at Lane Bryant? I used to love shopping there,their clothes and their bras fit me properly. I found Old Navy and places like that to be annoying because of the vanity sizing involved.


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