Operation Skinny Jeans: These are a few of my favorite thing

Monday, July 21, 2014

These are a few of my favorite thing

Sometimes we just need to surround ourselves with things that make us happy. With that, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things right now. :D

Getting THIS CLOSE to a Rhino at the zoo! He was so close! Like 10 feet away!

And then him showing us his adorable Rhino butt! Love that little butt! 

Unsweetened sparkling water. I am trying to kick the soda habit (again) and this has been so helpful! Damn you Cherry 7 Up and your mystical addictive properties! (warning, its not sweet, but its bubbly which is what I need)

My new Nike Studio Wraps. They have been great for yoga so far, and I will let you know how they go for PiYo! The grip is my favorite part :D 

This amazing silver Velociraptor at Z Gallerie! I want to buy EVERYTHING in that store. Every time we go to the mall I fall in love with something new. There is a Rhino there that I visit occasionally :D

NOT this quote. Someone I admired (past tense) posted it and I completely disagree. To see my full rant, check out my Facebook. 

But I do love these, that other people I respect and admire (present tense) posted right after that one. 

I don't believe that success is a limited resource. I would never try to hoard my secrets or not share what has worked for me, in any aspect of my life. I write about my weight loss journey to share what works for me and what doesn't. I answer every question I can. I will spill all my secrets (spoiler alert- I don't have any) if you want because I WANT you to succeed. Your success makes me HAPPY, not threatened like the person who posted that first picture. 

Whether it comes to blogging or fitness or crocheting (which I don't know how to do lol) or whatever, if I know something you want to know, I am happy to help. We need more people in the world that would post the bottom 3 messages. THOSE are the people I want to be surrounded by. 

What are your favorite things right now? 

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  1. I couldn't agree more...success is not a competition between you and other people. Successes should be celebrated and shared!! Being happy for other people and their success is really important and not something that very many people realize!


  2. My favorite things right now is getting a bit of summer fun with the kiddos and fresh veggies out of the garden!

    Cute Rhino butt! The one time we saw a rhino butt at the zoo, the tail was acting as a windshield wiper for poop! Not so cute!

  3. I looked for your rant on FB, but I didn't see it - what did it say? I'm confused :(


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