Operation Skinny Jeans: Now what am I going to eat?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Now what am I going to eat?

As excited as I am to have wrapped up the "No Plan" meal plan series, I am feeling a little lost today. For the last 20 weeks, my Thursday posts have been predictable and I kinda liked that. And more than that- It's Thursday and I don't have a meal plan ready for next week! What am I going to eat?

I think this is a question I have struggled with for a long time. When you have an eating disorder, you become obsessed with food. It controls your thoughts and your days, and really, your life. Part of controlling it is being very methodical with your food, having it planned out and easy to follow, something I LOVED about the NPMP. But here I am, now wondering what I am going to eat!

I have talked about different diets a lot on this blog, I have tried pretty much everything. I have tried restricting, I have tried moderation. I have tried low carb, I have tried Weight Watchers, and everything in between. I was going to try Whole 30 but then the day I was going to start, I had to have emergency wisdom tooth surgery that threw a wrench in that plan.

So do I attempt Whole 30 again? Do I try something different? I have been researching paleo for a while, do I take the leap and just try it? Do I even need to follow a specific "diet", or can I just keep practicing 80/20 clean eating?

And if I do decide, do I have to tell you all about it? I feel like I start a lot of things (like whole 30) and never finish them (for whatever reason) when it would just be easier to try something, see if it works, and tell you about it later.

The truth is- there are so many different ways to fuel our bodies, and not every one is right for everyone. My ultimate goal with food is to just eat. To find food I enjoy that is good for me, and to not have to think about it day in day out. The last 20 weeks were great because I had dinners figured out! And since Ginny and I collaborated, about half of the recipes were new to me! What I eat is pretty boring. We have the same 10 recipes we recycle over and over, so thinking outside the box, and getting new recipes was really awesome.

So I guess the answer to my question is "who knows". But I am curious- what do you eat? Do you follow a specific diet? Do you like it? What do you like about it? Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks about food this much lol.
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  1. You are definitely not the only one who thinks all.about.the.food,... I am totally guilty of that too. thoughts of when my next bite will pass my lips are constantly on my mind. I am working on just trying to eat proper portions of healthy non-processed foods. I find tracking it in MFP keeps me accountable to not skipping meals or binge eating

  2. I don't follow a specific diet. I let myself indulge once in a while but mainly i try to eat healthy foods in general. I always stock up on fruit, veggies, eggs, and almond butter when I shop.

  3. Whole30.com is doing an 'official' whole30 starting August 1st so that would be a good time to try it. I think they will post a lot of helpful things on their blog. I did a semi-whole30 (ended up being more of a 80/20) but I lost 10lbs! I gained 1lb back and plan on doing another 80/20 starting Aug 1st.

  4. I am a die hard carb cycler - Chrispowell.com

    It works for me because I can have whatever I want to eat on Sundays. If I really crave something during the week telling myself I can have it on Sunday it really helps!

    I track religiously in MFP also.

  5. I eat between 1200-1450 calories a day is my goal! I use the my fitness pal app also, if I exercise I typically eat those calories as well! It's working for me!
    The best thing I came across this week is laughing cow light cheese wedge for 35 calories on 35 bread with cut up cucumber on it! It was so great and only 105 calories a sandwich!
    I like to refridgerate my sandwich first so it has a chill to it!
    This has kept my calories super low this week!
    Hope it helps!
    I also love going to qdoba!
    Chicken tacos on hardshell are around 200 calories each!

  6. Hey lady! I don't know if you follow skinny meg or not but she is doing IIFYM (if it fits your macros) and having amazing results. I am starting it and I can totally feel a difference... there is a great IIFYM facebook page that shows tons of awesome success stories It's called IIFYM Women. You can eat whatever you want as long as it fits in your macros!

  7. I think about food all the time too. I wish I didn't love eating so much! I am not fan of any diet plans. I think the best method it to just eat healthy most of the time and try to stay within your caloric range. I have had success by eating normal foods and just watching my portion control. I am not one that is willing to give up an entire food group, or give up sugar, or do anything else where I would feel deprived. I know some people need the structure of a diet plan to be successful, but I personally can't stand diets and the feeling of deprivation that comes with them.

  8. I follow Weight Watchers again as of two weeks ago and I attempt to eat an 80/20 healthy diet (not clean - im not that tough aha). WW works for me and I am not someone who can eat absolutely clean without having bad binges so allowing myself that 20% makes me feel normal and not like im punishing myself and I think if I went 100% all the time I'd eat way worse in the end if that makes sense. Good luck figuring out what works for you!

  9. I have kept off the weight I've lost for almost three years now, give or take 7lbs! I have tried a few different diets but have always gone back to eating healthily most of the time. I don't cut carbs but I do stick to one piece of bread a day (I like my morning toast with poached egg!), lots of fruit and at least 1/2 a plate of veg with dinner. It works! I eat loads of jacket potatoes and sweet potatoes too :)


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