Operation Skinny Jeans: "No Plan" Meal Plan- Week 17 and our Winner!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"No Plan" Meal Plan- Week 17 and our Winner!

Week 17! Woo! But first- I want want to congratulate Ashley Perez for winning our giveaway! She has been notified and Will be enjoying her awesome prizes in NO time!

Week 17 is our No Cook week! It's hot- we don't want to turn on our stoves either. So this week if you can't cook it on a grill or a microwave- you can't eat it :D I mean you CAN. You can cook it however you like, we aren't the cooking police, BUT that's what we intended.

Also! Ginny and I have decided to end this series at week 20, which will take us through July. We never intended for it to last forever, certainly not this long, so we are wrapping it up then. Don't worry tho, we have MONTHS of meal plans that you can rotate through without getting bored :D

Without further ado!

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Here's the way it works. 

1. No more than 20 ingredients ever. I like simple things, and if a recipe has more than 7 ingredients, I am not gonna make it. I think you are all like me, and like simple, budget friendly dinners, so here they are. 

2. 5 dinner recipes, ready to go. Does your family have Pizza Fridays? Or do you always go out to eat on Wednesdays? Cool! 5 dinners allows for flexability, and since they aren't assigned to days, you can always eat what you WANT, not what you wrote down 2 weeks ago :D

3. 4 cook time options. Have to go to basketball practice at 6? No problem! There are dinner options for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and all day with the crock pot.

4. 3 healthy food groups.  Nutrition is important, and so is eating a balanced meal. All of our dinner recipes will include a Protein, a Vegetable and a Grain. Simple nutrition for you and your family.

5. 2 servings. I am a family of 2, so I don't need more than 2 servings. You have a family of 4? Cool bro- double it. Serving 8? Do the math :D Having the recipes serve 2 allows for easy modification for whatever you need :D

6. Just one easy prep time. The days of slaving away in the kitchen for hours a night are OVER! Once a week you will spend about an hour, maybe less prepping for the week. The prep guide is ON the menu plan, so it literally is EASY PEASY.

Just a few more notes:
  • Don't like chicken? Me either. There are substitutions listed for most recipes. :D
  • Don't like ____? Me either (kidding, I like ___) The optional ingredients are listed. Adjust accordingly :D
  • Each meal plan will be posted on Thursday, give you Friday and the weekend for shopping and prep. 
  • Each week you only have to print out ONE THING! It's all there on the one sheet of paper. You are welcome :D

Get the "No Plan" Meal Plan in your inbox every week!

* indicates required

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