Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Monday- Oh yeah... that...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Marathon Monday- Oh yeah... that...

I am not 100% sure the month of June actually happened. It was like I fell asleep on Memorial day and woke up on the 4th of July.

Whatever happened, here we are in the 2nd week of July already and my half marathon is in 33 days. Yep. 33. A 4 letter "F" word comes to mind when I think about that. Am I prepared? hahaha no. Am I still going to run it. Yep. I have a month to get my shit together so that I don't literally kill myself on the way down the mountain.

There is a lake by my house that is 8 miles around. I am going to make that my long run now, which is terrifying but I am trying not to think about it. I am also going to try running to an audio book instead of music because I think that will distract me better lol.

And because I had a mild panic attack he is a saint- Andy agreed to run it with me. I am not sure he knows what he is getting himself into but he will be by my side to feed me, tell me to stop crying (which is totally going to happen) and make sure I cross that finish line. And don't get eaten by a bear. It is the mountains after all. Knowing he is doing it with me makes me feel better. He has gotten me across the finish line of every race I have run, and knowing he will do the same with this one makes me feel a thousand times better.

Also- I have better friends than yours. Well I don't know, your friends might be awesome too, but last night, at D&D, my friend Tim gave me a gift. Knowing my love of The Oatmeal, he bought me a Blerch stress ball, and a few bumper stickers "to help me with my running". Um, most thoughtful friend ever! I have been eyeballing the Blerch stress balls and this sticker is going to go GREAT next to my 13.1 one in a month!

I am too excited to put this on my car :D
Speaking of The Oatmeal, I have an awesome story about the time I met him and we talked about running and he was kinda the most awesome human I have met. And if you don't know what The Blerch is, read this.

So yeah! That is how half marathon training is going :D

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  1. You can do it! And thank you for introducing me to the Blerch haha. Never heard of it until today but I totally have a Blerch over my shoulder when I run telling me to walk, lol.

  2. You are so lucky to have such a great support system! You will do great on your half-marathon!!! Good luck!


  3. Yes! For me, podcasts were the key to distracting my brain well enough to be able to run. I may have to look into getting an audio book when I start running again. A partner also helps. Good luck and you can do it!

  4. YOU CAN DO IT! Why does half marathon training always fly by? I'm running one on August 16th. Little over a month away. What? Who runs a half marathon in August?!?! WE GOT THIS!

  5. First of all, you can totally do it! Second, you play D&D?! I played in high school and miss it so much!

  6. Your are going to do just fine. Seriously, just fine. Plus, I'll be three to make sure you don't fall off the sideof the mountain at the end ;-)

  7. You can definitely do it! And The Oatmeal is all kinds of amazing! I'm a total Blerch believer and a little jealous that you got to meet his creator :-)

  8. I laughed so hard at The Oatmeal! You are going to rock this!!!


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