Operation Skinny Jeans: I've got 99 problems

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I've got 99 problems

and my love of shoes and bags count for like 56 of them.

The good news is, I am a budget minded person so that stops me from buying ALL the shoes and bags I want, but that doesn't stop me from lusting over them here.

For a long time I was lusting over the Nike Studio Wraps, but after saving up, I made those babies mine :D And I have to say I love them. And sure, it seems silly to save up for $40 shoes (it took 2 months), but its how I justify buying things that I don't REALLY need. Like shoes and bags. :D

These babies are next on my saving list. I tried them on, jogged around the store, and they feel awesome. 

Nike Air Relentless

I also have been lusting over a nice pair of flats. I have two flats right now, and I got both of them from payless over 2 years ago. I still love them, and wear them often, but it might be time for some new kids on the block. These from Modcloth will do nicely :D

And who doesn't need a pair of bright royal blue wedges. I know I do. Ok need might be a strong word. Can I even walk in wedges? Who cares. (again, Modcloth)

And now for bags. mmmmm. I have it BAD for bags! If I could have a different purse for every day of the week, I would be in purse HEAVEN! Fun fact: I have never owned a designer purse! Being frugal, they never seemed practical. But fuck practical they are SO PRETTY. I am in love with a lot of purses right now. 

This Betsey Johnson bag that you can find at Modcloth (among other places).  (I just realized this kinda sounds like a sponsored post from modcloth lol oops! Its not. I just discovered that they had pretty bags and shoes so I have been spending a lot of time on their website drooling. But believe me, they have no clue who I am, and care even less what I think of their accessory department :D )

My friend Sonya showed me this bag from The Buckle yesterday and I think I am in love! 
Ok I am in a green phase. 

And I am DYING for these gorgeous leather Coach bags right now. I don't even care what color. 

I'll take one of each ;) I don't normally like Coach bags because I don't like the C pattern on them. But these leather bags are gorgeous. 

I can't even think of how many months I would have to save to get one of these babies. A lot. Like maybe by my NEXT birthday, September 2015.

Oh well- a girl can dream, right? Do you lust over pretty things you can't have? Or are you an impulse buyer and just buy what you want? 
Oh hey btw! Totally off topic, but I have another Diet Bet starting next week if you wanna get fit by Labor Day! 

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  1. I feel like such a non-girl when I read posts like this! I have about 3 pairs of shoes, but only wear my running shoes...have NEVER EVER EVER worn high heels and I don't even own a purse!

    My daughter on the other hand, who is 4 by the way, already has an obsession with shoes. The store I grocery shop is carries children's clothes and shoes and the times she comes with me, she ALWAYS has to go see the shoes.

  2. Love those wedges. I just bought a pair of bright pink wedges lol. I go through flats like it is going out of style so I buy them cheap always but I would kill for a pair of manolo blahniks. Love the color of those mint flats! And purses, don't get me started :)

  3. I love shoes and bags too! And not just purses but catch-all bags! I agree on the Coach bags with the emblem - I don't really like those but I have a leather Coach bag that I love. However, my current obsession is Tory Burch. Love love love!! FYI - if there is an outlet mall near you, Coach usually has great prices at the outlet as well as fantastic customer service. I have a MK purse that is beautiful but I find it too heavy to carry. I never buy designer purses for myself but I usually ask for one from my husband for Christmas or birthday. For Christmas, he bought me a gorgeous TB purse in this delightful teal color. Absolutely would not have chosen it for myself - hello, black purse - but I do get lots of compliments on it.

  4. Yep...I am now lusting after the green purse from The Buckle...must practice self-control!!


  5. That Coach bag looks amazing in every color!

  6. I just bought some black wedges and leopard print flats as well as a new bag- that's me for the next two years!

  7. I love those flats! I own probably 5-6 pairs at least. I have to coordinate my shoes with my outfits right?

  8. I bought a purple/gray Coach leather bag kind of like the ones pictured above at the Coach outlet store. I love it and love that it was about 75% off.


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