Operation Skinny Jeans: Fight or Flight

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fight or Flight

We have all been there before. We feel like we are running into a wall. Nothing is working, we are beyond frustrated and we just feel like giving up. I have been there. Recently in fact.

I have discovered that how we react in these situations says a lot about us. Do you cower back, hang your head and stop trying, or do you puff your chest out, raise your head up and face it with all that you have?

Challenges exist. Plateaus happen. We live in a world with pizza. You are bound to come across this situation at least once a month, or if you are me, pretty much every day. Do I wake up and workout, or close my eyes. Do I take the time to make a healthy lunch, or hit Taco Bell while I am out running errands. Do I keep going on this weight loss journey even tho I have been stuck, or do I just stop trying because it's easier?

I have discovered through these (and many more) hardships, that I am a fighter. I see defeat as not an option. I have quit too many times in my life. I used to quit like it was my job. My family affectionately referred to me as "shiny object girl". When things weren't going my way anymore, I would quit and move on to the next shiny object. It was my way of never getting hurt. I didn't let myself succeed at anything so I was in control of the pain of failure. I never failed- I quit before I got to that point.

But, like most aspects of my life, I have changed. I am not a quitter anymore. Success lit a fire under my ass that won't let me quit. But that doesn't mean that I don't hit that same wall, or struggle like everyone else.

It's just that when I do- I choose to FIGHT instead of fly.

In fitness, in business, in life in general- I will stand up and fight and do what I can to succeed because quitting isn't an option.
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  1. Get it!!!!!

    This is real life. We have to work on being healthy and living at the same time. You've got this, pizza and all!

  2. I never really thought about it in this regards, BUT what I did know going into this weight loss thing almost 8 years ago, that it felt different. Despite being overweight for my entire life, this time I felt like I would do it...eventually....might take me the next 20 years, but I was determined to not give up. I still do feel that way, even though I am not giving it 100%...truthfully, I am not even really giving it 10%, but only I can change that.

  3. I've always said that I'm too hard headed to give up...but that doesn't mean that I don't throw pity parties for myself every now and then. The important thing is that you snap out of it! And now you have mentioned pizza...my mouth is watering. I have had many 'fat' days. Days where I just didn't think I was getting anywhere else, or going anywhere else. I even tried to talk myself into being content....but you can't be content if you aren't happy! I still straggle, but giving up, I know, is the worse thing to do.

  4. Love this post! I have always had the same 'shiny object' syndrome. You are right, sticking with it is a choice we make, and definitely the right one.

  5. You go girl!! I am the kind of person that finds it easier to just give up and for all the reasons that you listed in this post but mostly because of my fear of failure. -Kelly
    Side note: Taco Bell now sounds really yummy

  6. I'm new to your blog, but after reading that post this total stranger wants to give you a HUG! Keep up the good work, you are motivating others through your journey!


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