Operation Skinny Jeans: #BlazeNewTrails- Mizuno Wave Kazan

Monday, July 14, 2014

#BlazeNewTrails- Mizuno Wave Kazan

As you know- I have had quite a bit of running shoe drama. I was wearing Nikes that destroyed my arches, then I rebelled and wore Champion shoes from Target that gave me nasty blisters. So when I was awarded a campaign for Mizuno through Fitfluential, I was pretty excited!

I had never tried on Mizuno shoes so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was excited to try. When I got my shoes, I was so excited that they fit! AND that the arch wasn't crazy high like my Nikes were, and they didn't rub like my Champions did. So I took them out on a run!

I loved the grip they had in the dirt- and I didn't slide going down a big hill (or back up it). They were comfy the whole way and supportive too. The only thing that wasn't awesome is that I have abnormally wide feet at my toes (I don't know what its called lol) and so the shoe rubbed the outside of my foot after a while. No blister, just some irritation.

A few days after my trail run, I decided to head up to Washington Park and test them out on pavement. They were great there too, which was awesome! And since I was in the park, I did some yoga.

So all in all, I recommend them! If you have super wide feet like me, try them on first, but I loved that they didn't have a big arch, were light, had a great grip and HELLO, I love the color!

You can find more info on them here (ya know, if you like stats and stuff like that)

Do you run trails? I think I might add it to my routine! It was a fun change of pace- and Colorado certainly doesn't lack for gorgeous trails!

Like I said in the beginning, I was given these shoes by Mizuno through being a Fitfluential Ambassador to review. I was compensated but all my opinions are my own. And the pictures, I took those too. 

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  1. They're definitely some nice looking trainers, but I can't get over that stunning trail!! If I had somewhere like that to run I think I would be leaping out of bed every day!! (Then again - I do have some gorgeous paths through the English countryside and alongside the River Thames, and I'm still slow to haul myself out for a run, so maybe not!)

  2. Those are really cute!!

    I love trail running...it's a totally different ball game than road running, that's for sure!


  3. I love my Mizunos too- I have really narrow feet and I found my heels would pull out of so many shoes, but after trying on seven different brands I have finally found one that works for me.


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