Operation Skinny Jeans: The Secret

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Secret

I have been trying to devise the right way to share this. After deliberation I decided just to do it here lol.

I have a secret.

Its not that kind of secret. Its not a personal secret. It's a secret about getting healthy and losing weight that I discovered and I am excited to share it with you.

Wanna hear it?


There is no wagon.


The wagon doesn't exist.

Here's the thing. We all say "this is a lifestyle change" but the second we concede to the chocolate cake, we "fell off the wagon". I used to do this too. "No you don't get it! This isn't a diet! Except when I make one small mistake and let it all go to hell. Then maybe it is...." We are lured in by unexpected cupcakes and then bam- we lose it. We give up. We fail. We accept defeat and lament that we can never change, will never change and that it isn't worth trying.

This is the wagon.

And the wagon is BRUTAL! There are some pretty strict rules on that wagon apparently. There are no strikes, no second chances, one slip up you get unceremoniously kicked OFF the wagon.

I used to live or die by the wagon. I would hop on, ride for a few miles, see cake, get kicked off and have to start over. And really the starting over is the hardest part. It requires way more courage to start over than it did to even start, and each time you fall off it gets harder and harder to start again.

So in my percoset stupor after the wisdom teeth incident of 2014, I realized something. I had fallen off the wagon again. I couldn't chew anything and I was in pain and angry so I went on a two week milkshake binge. They were the only thing that made me feel better, both pain wise and emotionally. And I used them like the percoset- excessively.

So sitting there, post binge, I realized I had to start over. And I didn't want to. Starting over sucks. It is hard and frustrating and it just sucks. Then I looked back at all my hard work, the 50 lbs I had already lost and I realized I didn't have to start over. I had already started, why did I need to go back there? I just needed to start again. That's when I realized the wagon doesn't exist.

Every day we make hundreds of choices. What to wear, what to eat, what to drink, how to move, etc. I had made a string of bad choices, but those choices didn't affect my future choices. There was no reason I couldn't just START making better choices. So I did. And I got back on track. And that was when I realized that the wagon is a lie.

Are you stuck in the cycle of the wagon? Just stop :D If you stop treating every minor setback as an epic failure, you will stop having to start over. Just make a better choice NEXT time. This is our lives. We are not on a diet- we are just changing our lives. Every choice that is a better choice than we used to make is a WIN. We should celebrate THOSE choices, and relish on all the positive rather than allowing one negative tiny choice RUIN our progress.

So think about that.

Are you living and dieting by "the wagon"? Why? The wagon doesn't define you. It doesn't exist.

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  1. I love this! I am the driver of my own damn wagon! If I stop the wagon to have cake every once in a while...ie...every 28 days....the wagon stops until I'm ready to get back on. Then me and my little red wagon gas back up and continue on our journey. Make your own rules on your own wagon!!!!

  2. I can't tell you how many times I have told myself I am starting over because I "fell off the wagon" but you are absolutely right, it isn't about falling off a wagon, it is about making changes and sometimes having slips. I have been working on not beating myself up constantly because all it does is make me want to binge more.

  3. This is so true! I needed to hear this today

  4. So very true. And I really needed to hear as I've been having a bad couple of months. Thank you.

  5. So very true. And I needed to hear this. Been having a rough month or so. Thanks.

  6. So true. My favorite piece of healthy living wisdom is "make just one good decision. Then make another.". Sometimes it is just too much to follow all of the rules... And knowing that your can pick back up and keep going is so important.

    I believe in you! You are a strong, empowered, inspirational woman!


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