Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Mondays- We're back!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Marathon Mondays- We're back!

Ok so my lack of marathon monday posts is mostly due to ADHD and forgetting that I am supposed to write about my marathon training on Mondays.

And partially because I have been REALLY TERRIBLE about training :/

I guess my question is how do you keep up the momentum? Obviously the race date is hurdling toward me at super warp speed and it freaks me out and I hope I am not shutting down mentally. I need to stop looking at the big picture and just break it down week by week.

Since I am so far behind and I have literally 8 weeks to go, I am jumping into a 10 week program and skipping the last two I guess :/ I don't love it but I need to do something. So this week I am doing:

Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: Rest.

I feel good about this week. I can do 3 miles just fine, I do it a lot. And I have done 4 so I know I can do that too. I just need to do it. I have a time scheduled during the day and I am just gonna DO it. I am not even thinking about the 13 that are coming, I am just going to focus on one week at a time. I have to lol.

The other part that is rough is I need new shoes :/ My target running shoes feel amazing on my arches, but have started blistering the crap out of my feet. At first it was the insides of my heels and now its the ball of my feet :/ I KNOW I need to get fitted, but I have to wait a little bit until I can afford fancy shoes lol Especially since I am going to Vegas in 2 weeks!

Also! I am hosting a Diet Bet! It starts on Thursday (so not lots of notice, sorry) but it will be over before the 4th of July! So who wants to join me to drop 4% by the 4th?? I am beyond excited to reach some goals and get back on track! Life has been a roller coaster lately and I just need some normalcy.

So join my Diet Bet here!

SO how are you getting back on track! Can you believe it's JUNE already?? Holy crap! 

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  1. I ran my first half this weekend. For the last few weeks of training, I put body glide on my toes and the balls of my feet to help with blisters and it helped a lot! I also think you have a good strategy by just focusing on one week at a time instead of the big picture. I did the same thing and it really helped make 13.1 miles seem less intimidating by the end of training.

  2. Get fitted for running shoes and then after you know what you need start checking 6pm.com and other sales and discount sites to find them much cheaper!

  3. Do you use intervals when training? If you're going to try a half marathon without that much training I would highly recommend it. My friend and I ran together and her furthest distance prior to the half was eight miles. She finished pain free.

  4. I would look for an 8 week training plan - it's important to get the longer runs in so your body knows what to expect. I would for sure not skip the last two weeks!

  5. You are going to do just fine art the half. It's so important to not discount the importance of the short weekday runs! Those helped get me to the finish far more than my long runs.

    You might want to check out DSW for cheap shoes... They have Brooks pure flows (a minimal shoe like yours) on sale for $40 right now when they're usually around $100

  6. I need to go get fitted too but my shoes are ok right now. I know they won't be great once I increase my mileage though. I did find a new way to tie my shoes that is supposed to help with one of the issues I was having. That will help until I can get in and see about shoes. I tried on a pair of Brooks that I loved but I don't want to shell out the money until I know for sure what's best

  7. Good to see you back! I did a 6.2 mile race over the weekend and posted about it here: http://laurensahm.blogspot.co.nz/2014/06/no-excuses-my-journey-to-10k.html It might not be a half marathon like yours, but I am still pretty happy! Definitely get fitted for running shoes by a professional at least a month before the race, as it is not a good idea to introduce new clothes, shoes, nutrition etc close to your race.

  8. Just thinking about running makes me tired, kudos to you for sticking with it!

  9. Glad to see your back! Your blog is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to looking for fitness inspiration :) I'm trying to get into running myself !

  10. Make sure you are not wearing cotton socks. Cotton is rotten when it comes to running :)

  11. Hoping this isnt a double post. if it is sorry lol. Make sure your socks aren't cotton. Remember cotton is rotten when it comes to running/


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