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Monday, June 23, 2014

Made for More

I have been thinking about this since yesterday- how do I sum up Summit. How do I put into words how I feel and what has been going around in my brain after being inundated with amazing positive energy and knowledge. I wanted to write a summary of what I learned and what new stuff is coming out and all that jazz, but really that isn't my greatest take away.

A few months ago the top coach in the company, Lindsay Matway, announced that she was going to do a presentation at Summit. I was stoked and bought my ticket right away.  I was hoping to learn some tips on how to grow my business and how to help my challengers in challenge groups. That was my hope. And as the days approached, and something that seemed even cooler (meeting celebrity coaches in a private meeting with my way way upline, Chalene Johnson's sister Jenelle) I thought about jumping ship. I didn't need to hear from Lindsay- I would hopefully learn that all Summit! I just wanted my picture with the trainers!

But something told me to stay. Go to the Shine presentation and learn. So I did. It was the first day of Summit, Thursday, and those 4 hours changed my life.

Here's a preface to this story. I didn't grow up religious. I don't want to get into anything about that, but I grew up without faith. My parents didn't believe so we didn't go to church. As a teen I had some awesome friends who took me to their church, and helped me understand, but I still didn't feel like I believed.

So back to the presentation. Coaches from the top of the company, top 25 of 190,000, came out and told their story. They gave tips on how to succeed, self belief being the top one. They encouraged us to dig deep into our lives and really commit to the mission of helping people change their lives. And person after person after person had one thing in common. God.

And at the end of all the speakers, and all the tears had drained from my body unceremoniously from my eyeballs, this video came on.

I have that pulling in my heart to do something amazing. It is confusing and exciting and I am trying every day to live my life by it. But the God part is what is getting me! I am just a girl who grew up with some unfortunate circumstances. I wasn't supposed to amount to anything but barefoot and pregnant. Who am I? Why would people look up to me, and more importantly why would God choose me? I struggle with this the most. And those 4 hours were just all of those thoughts and worries and demons fighting within me. 
And now, as I sit at my desk, reflecting on this amazing weekend, I see this bracelet we got from that presentation. 
Made for more. 
I am not a Beachbody coach so I can peddle workouts and shakes that don't work to make money. Period. I felt this calling to help people, and the way I was doing it (with those challenges I used to run) weren't working. I saw this opportunity as a tool I could use to make a real difference in people's lives around me. I am working on the God part. I think this will be my greatest hurdle, but I know my life has changed focus. 

And along those lines, I created a Skinny Jeans Fit Club group for free accountability and coaching. I would love to have you join and get to know you better :D
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  1. What a great blog! The video has such a great message. Shine on Jess!

  2. God chose you for a reason, even if you may not know it yet :) You are doing amazing things!

  3. I'm glad you had such a great time at Summit and had such an awesome take-away! You are so inspiring and I know you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to!


  4. Did you meet Meredith Myers? She is an awesome Beachbody coach and has a heart for Jesus. I am always inspired listening to her :). Love you, friend!

  5. Jess, I've known all along you were made for greatness. You are an amazing person. You are down to earth and your honesty and willingness to help people is what drew me to you. It's what made me sign up with the 21 Day fix with you and not the other coaches that were sending me facebook messages.
    God has already started doing a work in your life, don't fight it, just let it be and see where He takes you!

  6. Wonderful message!
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Please contact me if you would like to talk!
    I'm a former youth pastor, and would love to share God's word with you!
    God has gotten me thru on my weight loss journey!
    I'm down 30 lbs and 30 more lbs to go!

  7. The fact that you are pondering this experience in such a spiritual way speaks to the direction you are taking in your life and its purpose. I am both spiritual and trust my intuition. It is said that, that little voice we hear and mistake for intuition is more often then not God speaking in our lives.

  8. Thank you for being so open and honest with something that is so personal. All of us are working on the God part, you are not alone. I was raised knowing God but it wasn't until the last couple of years that I really started striving for a more personal relationship with Him and trying to find my purpose through Him.

  9. Jess, I love your honesty. First, I am not a perfect person nor a perfect Christian, if we were perfect there would be no need in Jesus. One of my favorite bible stories takes place in the 21st chapter of Matthew, verses 1-11. The story is about Jesus riding into Jerusalem and he tells his disciples to go into town to get this donkey that is tied up there. He rides this donkey into town, we are that donkey bringing Jesus to people. He could have selected any animal, but He chose a donkey. Jesus has chosen us with all of our imperfections to show other people who He really is. I hope this story has impacted you like it has impacted my life. You are doing a great job inspiring and uplifting people, keep it up.


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