Operation Skinny Jeans: Heaven

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My swimsuit is a gift from swimwear heaven. Swimwear Jesus was staring down at me, and brought this suit into my life, I swear. I was lost! I had tried on so many suits with no avail- I felt fat, unsexy, like I had so much work left to do rather than relishing in the work I had done.

I wanted a bikini, but after feeling less than a million bucks in every one I wore, I realized it might not be bikini time yet, which is okay. I have been borrowing one from Katherine at Curvy Maven for a few weeks and while I feel good in it, I don't feel amazing. 

I will spare you the drama but my swimsuitsforall experience wasn't spectacular and it left me down to the wire with LESS than a week to go before leaving for Vegas to find a suit. When I stumbled across this beauty. 

Retro Ruffle Swim Suit- Forever 21
The reviews were awesome and the price was right so I took the plunge. 

I paid almost as much for overnight shipping as the price of the suit to make sure I got it in time and lo and behold I did. 

And its amazing. 

And I am obsessed. 

I posted a few mirror selfies on Facebook and Instagram, but I will wait to share professional pics here :D BUT in the mean time I Polyvored up some adorable outfits :D

Fun swim

glam swim

Swimsuit 1

Which one is your fave? I am kinda feeling that glam one, and I might run over to target to pick up that cover up.... I am not normally a leopard girl, but when in Vegas ;)

All I can say for sure tho is if you are a plus size lady and you are looking for a sexy, youthful suit that hides your problem areas- look no further! Fupa be gone! :D Or at least hidden under playful peplum :D

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  1. Fupa......bahaaahahahahahahaah for realz I need to check that site out. Totally agree on the glam look with the coverup :)

  2. I love that cover up and the whole look! It's so cute!! Have fun in Vegas!!

  3. First, I love the redesign of the blog! It looks really nice. Second, I think the "glam" one is my favorite, but I'm also a diehard leopard print lover so there's that. And, you look AWESOME in your new suit! Excellent choice :)

  4. This suit looked great on you!! What an awesome find for such a good price, and my vote is absolutely for the leopard!! I love animal print anyways, but definitely get it for Vegas :)

  5. The leopard one is awesome, super fun ensemble!

  6. The leopard one is awesome, super fun ensemble!

  7. I like the last two options. I am in love with those blue shoes. :)

  8. That bathing suit is GORGEOUS! I love ensemble #2! :)


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