Operation Skinny Jeans: Fashion Fridays- Summer Days

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fashion Fridays- Summer Days

I don't know about you, but I am having a lot of fun with these photoshoots!

You HAVE to check out Katherine at Curvymaven.com's swimsuit pics! I can't WAIT to get mine so we can get it on film!

So for this week's shoot, since I didn't have my bikini yet, I went for a summer casual look. This is something I will be wearing ALL summer. I used to never ever wear tank tops or shorts because I was ashamed of my arms and legs. But now, I don't care.  If other people are offended by my cellulite and stretch marks, they can go to hell :D

Whole outfit from Old Navy... I have a problem. Converse are... well Converse :D

Also could I BE more awkward in front of a camera??

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  1. Loooove how confident you are Jess!!

  2. You look great!!! So glad you are having fun with the photoshoots!

  3. I have that same top. It cracks me up that you and I have so many pieces of clothes in common! By the way, you lookadorable and beachy :-)


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