Operation Skinny Jeans: Breaking all the rules

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Breaking all the rules

I have wanted ombre hair for a while. Like a long while, almost 8 months. But ombre hair is expensive. Like hella expensive and I don't have that kind of money lol

That and my hair was finally back to 100% original color. I haven't dyed it in so long that it was all me. Which is kind of an accomplishment in today's world, to have your own hair color. And when I was younger,  I used to HATE my hair color. I would dye it out of self hate, which is something I have been working on (not hating myself) so wanting to dye it kinda felt like a step in the wrong direction.

Except my hair is getting LONG. Like super long and when it gets long I get the urge to chop it, which I hate after I do it.

Long story short, I have overanalyzed this decision for way too long. I even did some photoshombre (photoshop-ombre) to see what it would look like.

Yesterday I put the dye in my basket, took it out and left the store, then went to a different store and bought it. I decided to do it.

This is in no way shape or form a sponsored post for Loreal Feria. this is just what I grabbed. Loreal Feria has no clue who I am.

And after tons of people telling me not to DIY (including my husband for the record) I threw caution to the wind and just did it. And it turned out awesome, which is why I am sharing this with you haha. I didn't follow the instructions on the box OR a tutorial so I wanted to share how I did it and why, and why I think it turned out so awesome.

My biggest diyombre fear was having it have a straight terrible line with no gradient. So I decided the easiest way to eliminate that is to put my hair in a pony tail. I only wanted to dye the hair that was below the pony tail holder, and it staggered the hair so it wouldnt be a straight line. This was genius.

I started at the bottom (because I wanted it to sit in longest) and worked my way up the pony tail, adding more dye as I went up. And when I was out of dye, I pulled it into a bun and let it sit.

I took a picture about 15 minutes in and immediately got nervous. Holy hell that was light and the transition was really stark. I decided to let it wait for the full 25 minimum recommended minutes, but they were agonizing. Once I took down the bun tho, I felt much better. There was definitely a gradient.

So at 25 minutes I decided to wash it out. I bought 2 boxes because I have really long really thick hair, so if I wanted to lighten it more, I could always do another round today.

My hair dryer is broken, so waiting for it to dry was agonizing and took forever, but last night after it dried, I took these pictures in my kitchen in artificial lighting :D

I like it! After sleeping on it, I took this picture in the car (trying to get natural light on it)

And I took this picture like 10 minutes ago from my desk, after adding in a little purple hair chalk. 

It is definitely not as drastic as it originally appeared. And I am glad. I love it a lot. It is the perfect gradient, it doesn't look crazy and it came out great! AND its not a straight line.

99.9% of the time, I won't curl my hair- it doesn't hold and aint nobody got time for that. But I like how it looks down. Overall I am extremely pleased. If you want ombre- DO IT. You won't regret it.

And now this post has about 7 too many pictures of my face. So yeah.

Ever tried to diyombre? Have any hair dying disaster stories to share? Do you like the purple?

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  1. I am so impressed. You are so brave - and awesome! Haha.

  2. where did you get the purple hair chalk? I need to get some of that!

  3. That looks great! I wish I would've know about that before I spent $80 in salon. I'm trying to get the bottom of mine more red so if I can find the right shade I might try it instead of paying a ton of $$$ for a touch up.

  4. My hair naturally does ombre as long as I don't cut it because it lightens in the summer then grows out darker in the winter. I usually hate it...it's good to know that there are some out there that would love to naturally have what I got going!

  5. Love it! It looks really good on you.


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