Operation Skinny Jeans: 90 Days till Summer Swimsuit Challenge- Results

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

90 Days till Summer Swimsuit Challenge- Results

So over the weekend we hit the official start of summer, and the official end of this challenge.

Holy crap- 90 days is a really long time. A lot has happened, and I am ready to start a new fresh challenge lol.

So 90 days ago my goal was to feel amazing in a swimsuit, and I can honestly say I have achieved that.

But I truly believe that feeling amazing in a swimsuit is 25% body 25% swimsuit and 50% confidence. Do I look like a model in my suit? No. But I am not trying to! I wanted to feel sexy and beautiful and comfortable, and I have achieved that. 

Is my body where I wanted it to be- no. But you all know that. My journey has been nothing if not bumpy the whole time, and these last 3 months are no exception. I lost 15 lbs, gained 10 back in ice cream when I got my wisdom teeth out, lost about 5 before Vegas, and here I am, today right back where I started after 5 days in Vegas eating out 3 meals a day. 

Life happens. Am I happy with my results- no. But its because I know I can do BETTER. I know I deserve BETTER. But looking back over the last 3 months, I know where I went wrong. And knowing that is half the battle. 

One of the amazing things I learned at Summit was that every day is a new day. We wake up and the past day's (or weeks or month's) disappointments don't affect today. Every day is a new chance to make a better choice and keep moving forward. If not today- when? So I have decided that today I am ready to commit to not screwing up the next 90 days. 

And to start that commitment, I am doing the 3-Day Refresh. It's like a mini reset, a 3 day Shakeology and clean eating cleanse. Other people have lost between 3-5 lbs doing it, which isn't a goal of mine, but it would be nice. My goal is to get back on track and back into clean eating habits. I am starting tomorrow and I will have my results for you on Monday. 

And on Monday, I am starting the 21 Day Fix again. I need to re-learn portion control. After eating an arm sized breakfast burrito last week, I know I need some help there. If anyone wants to join me- you are more than welcome to. 

The summer has only begun. We can make a change one day at a time. Success is the compound results of better choices every day. So I am choosing to make today BETTER. 

How did you do with the 90 Day Challenge? Link up your results!

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  1. You bathing suit looks great on you! Really cute. I struggled with an eating disorder and here is my story - Maybe a few tips could help?

  2. Your positivity and ability to bounce back after a stumble are so inspirational to me! I know you are going to destroy fat and less healthy habits in these next few weeks and inspire me even more!

  3. I love that swimsuit! You look fabulous - and you're right it is so much about confidence!

  4. Your attitude is what is so amazing about you!
    I think you totally rock that suit!


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