Operation Skinny Jeans: 3-Day Refresh Review

Monday, June 30, 2014

3-Day Refresh Review

Here's a little backstory for you, that you probably already know.

The last couple months haven't been my friend. Through a series of events (wisdom teeth, being laid off, going to Vegas) I have admittedly made some less than stellar choices. Which you guys know because I am always honest about my struggles. So anyhoo we were sitting in General Assembly for Coach Summit about a week and a half ago and they announced this new cleanse, the 3-Day Refresh. It's an alternative to the wildly popular Shakeology Cleanse as it actually gives your body what it needs (more protein and fiber) to cleanse. It also promotes that it will help break bad habits.

I was excited at the possibilities, looking at 2 months of less than spectacular (read: NON existent) results due to less than spectacular choices. But I HATE cleanses. I hate them. They are the epitome of what I don't like to do to myself- restrict. But I had gotten to a place (a less than sparkly sunshiny place) where I was beginning to doubt that I could ever weigh less than 230 lbs.

I think we all have that weight that we lived at for so long it kind of became our norm. 230 is that weight for me. I sat at 230 for about 2 years before skyrocketing to 285, so my body KNOWS this weight. But after going on a 3 week milkshake bender, going through a little personal crisis and going to a place where there are less good food options than bad ones, and margaritas flow like water, things had started to.... spiral out of control.

So anyhoo back to the Refresh. When they announced this new product, and that we could buy it that weekend, I was on board! I picked it up and toted it home, ready for a fresh start. And after carefully calculating when to start it (I didn't want to have anything in my way that could derail me) I decided to start last Thursday.

So the way the refresh works is that you drink Shakeology for breakfast (with water, which was surprisingly better than I expected and could be my new way to drink it), drink a fiber drink (similar to advocare, but way way better tasting. WAY better) mid morning, A lunch of a Vanilla Fresh (high protein, but still vegan, shake that also tasted better than I expected) with a serving of fruit, veggie and a healthy fat. Fact- getting to eat Hummus and Almond Butter on this saved my life. For dinner you had another Vanilla Fresh shake and there are dinner recipes (high veggie, with a fat) that were all tasty. At least the ones I tried.

Day 1 was pretty good. I was at home, alone, working, so there were no distractions. I was feeling good, full, focused and then dinner time came. I traditionally have dinner made when my husband comes home and he was having spaghetti. Let me tell you- it is hard to cook delicious food for someone else when all you can have is veggies. But I did it (begrudgingly).  I sat and ate my cucumber salad while he had spaghetti. And I was satisfied.... until about 8pm. Now I don't normally get hungry at night, after dinner. So after doing the typical "is this boredom or hunger" checks, I determined it was hunger. Crap. I was out of food for the night, but I was in a real hunger situation. SO I had a salad. Spinach, Cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil (all on plan) and I felt better.

Measuring a portion of hummus should be a sin.
Friday morning I weighed in and had lost 3.3 lbs. OKAY then! I was feeling better about my decision to do this, since I was actually seeing the scale move in the right direction.

Day 2 was similar to Day 1, except I made Andy cook his own dinner (lesson learned) while I ate mine, and I moved my Vanilla Fresh shake to a little later- like an after dinner treat, and I added spinach to it. That helped a TON. I wasn't hungry that night so I didn't need anything else to eat. Sweet!

Saturday morning I weighed in and had lost another 2 lbs. Last day- I could DO this. I was worried about doing it on a Saturday. Weekends are notoriously bad for us, eating out a lot, running around a lot, and this one was not really an exception. We had a 10 am class downtown to learn how to not serve alcohol to drunk people (we are volunteering at the Broncos games to work concessions to help a lady he works with's daughter pay for a choir trip). So I packed my stuff and we headed down town. I stayed completely on track during the class, eating at the right intervals, the right things and I felt good. Lunch I was great and for dinner we went out to eat. The ultimate test. We went to Noodles and Company and I got my favorite (the Med salad) but I got it without the noodles and with the dressing on the side. I did dip my fork into the dressing and eat about half of a ramekin of it, but other than that the lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions are all on plan. It felt good to eat out and be okay.

With my last Vanilla Fresh, I was DONE!

I can't even explain how excited I was to eat meat again. I used to say "Yeah I could be a vegetarian! I don't need meat" Lies. Straight up lies. I missed meat so so badly. I need meat. Daily.

So in the end I lost 5.1 lbs, gaining .2 that last day. I am happy with that. Beyond happy with that. I FEEL better, less bloated, and I have faith that I CAN keep losing. I am going to weigh myself next Sunday to see what I kept off. I think that will be the ultimate test, and while the only things I WANTED to eat after not eating anything fun was bad stuff, I now feel like maybe its not worth screwing up what I did for Pizza. So I guess you can say it helped me break bad habits.
All in all- it was good! I would do it again, but probably start on a Wednesday. It was definitely easier when I was home alone. It was a great plateau breaker and it helped with the bloating I was experiencing after Vegas. I definitely recommend it, if you are stuck or if you want to kick start your weight loss.

Goodbye Back Fat :D

And I guess I should do a disclaimer, even tho I paid for this with my own money, I am a coach so I received a discount. And if you want to try it out, I am going to be doing a group later this month. If you want to do it with me, you can either email me, leave your email in a comment, or request to be my friend on Facebook and message me letting me know. But since I am a coach I would make a commission (albeit a small one) off it because you bought it through me.

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  1. Great job with the cleanse! I can imagine it was hard to stay on track, but you did wonderfully! :)

  2. That's awesome girl!!! Great results!

  3. Awesome results!!! Good job!!

  4. That's so awesome! I would totally be in to do it with you. I could def use the cleaning of my system, not the weight loss part though. Are there options available for maintaining weight while doing the cleanse?? My email is amydoesntrun@gmail.com



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