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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesdays

Any other Walking Dead fans out there? No? you are all dead to me.


So way back in high school, I knew this girl named Katherine. We weren't really friends (but we weren't NOT friends) and that was kinda that. (cool story right? keep reading)

About 6 months or so ago I was on pinterest and saw a pin from Gwynnie Bee and the model looked SO FAMILIAR! Like it was bugging the CRAP out of me and Andy thought I was legit crazy because I swore up and down that I KNEW her.

Well I put my internet sleuthing skills to the test (sounds so much better than internet stalking amirite?) and discovered her blog, CurvyMaven. And in that discovery, I realized I WASNT CRAZY and that I totally did know her, she is Katherine, from high school.

So now that you are so not convinced of my sanity or non-stalker status... there's more.

Being the creeper that I am, instead of reaching out, I sat behind my computer and stalked her blog like a hawk. She writes about curvy fashion and I fell in LOVE.

Fun fact- when I created Operation Skinny Jeans, it was supposed to be equal parts weight loss and fashion blog. If you dig way down deep you can find some fashion posts, but mostly just wish list posts or Polyvore'd outfit posts because I am 1. broke and don't own that many cute clothes and 2. really really broke. 3. My husband has about thismuch patience with taking my picture. I have perfected the photo timer selfie lol.

So that has fallen to the wayside which makes me sad. Because besides the fact that I literally wear the same thing every day (jeans and a vneck) I do love fashion.

OMG Long story short (too late) Katherine reached out to me now that she moved back to Colorado to do some photo shoots for our blogs! Weekly she will take my picture and I will take hers and we will go on wild adventures in fashion. Naturally I was down.

So expect way more fashion posts around here, probably every friday for "Fashion Fridays". But because I suck at being patient, here are the pics from last week's shoot (that I mentioned on Instagram during tornado sirens lol)

Jacket (similar, mine was from Lane Bryant) / Top / Jeans / Flats (similar)

Dress (I got it from Solola Boutique, but it isn't sold anymore so I am working on it GUYS! :D / Bag (same bag different color)
So yeah! It was an awesome time, even tho we almost died in a tornado. Kidding, it wasn't that dire, but we were stuck inside a little Wetzles Pretzles waiting out the hail.

Check out her blog for SURE and go see the cute photos I took of her! I need to get the hang of focusing on the right subject lol but having never taken professional photos before, I will take it!

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  1. Love it! I am a big fan of fashion. Those pictures look amazing and that jacket with the coral shirt and skinny jeans.. perfection!

  2. how awesome!! A reconnection, but with a bonus win-win situation!!

  3. Oh how cool! And I love that blazer! It looks great on you

  4. Those pictures are amazing!!! What fun!!

  5. You look great! Love all the outfits..

  6. You look great and I am in love with that dress. I love fashion, but have the same issues as you, I can't afford to buy the clothes that I was to wear. Looking forward to more fashion posts.


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