Operation Skinny Jeans: Perfection is a lie

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Perfection is a lie

Am I the only one who feels like it's Tuesdays? Short weeks ALWAYS throw me off.

Anyhoo, took some more cute pictures so those will be up on Friday. I am so excited to have Katherine to help me bring more fashion to my life :D

I was reading through one of my favorite blogs today, Skinny Meg, and I just found myself saying "YES" over and over again. I have loved Skinny Meg since I found her blog almost 2 years ago. She just GETS it I think. In her blog she said "Blogging about health and fitness has two sides; on one hand I love the accountability and the camaraderie, but on the other there can be pressure. Pressure to have all the muscles, pressure to lose all the weight, and pressure to eat the right foods." This is SO true. There is a ton of pressure to say and do and BE all the perfect things. And I know that has gotten to some people's heads. 

I completely agree with her next line "I'd rather mine be about my message, be the best you. "

YES! I 100% agree. I am not a perfect person. I don't eat perfect, and I don't always workout. I am not a fitness robot. Last weekend instead of sweating to Shaun T in the 90 degree weather, I went to the pool. I was still moving my body, and I had a great time. And I felt 100% comfortable and beautiful and happy in my body. In a swimsuit. In a BIKINI even!

Yes I borrowed a friend's bikini and I felt amazing in it. Not self conscious, not fat, not ugly. I felt amazing and confident and beautiful. And ya know what? I didn't hear one person say "OMG who is that fat ass white beached whale in the bikini???" Nope. Not even one. And I wasn't thinking it. I was thinking about the sun on my skin and water on my feet and how I am happy its summer. 

I have spent too much time hating my body. And I will never ever preach perfection, because I don't believe in it. Do your best. Be your best. Set goals for yourself and be happy with wherever you land. Leading a healthy lifestyle isn't about muscles or miles ran or weight lifted. It is about waking up every day, trying your best and feeling good. 

That's all. 
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  1. Love it! Learning to love our bodies is SUCH a challenge. I want to love mine and be confident. More than that even, I want my 12 yr old to love hers and be confident, always. She is confident now and I want it to stay that way so I try, try, try, to be happy and confident with where I am. I hung out with my sister this weekend who is and always has been, smaller than me. I'm currently a size 10, she is a size 4 or 6. And all I heard her say, all DAY LONG was "I'm fat. I feel fat. I look gross." Ugh, even after I said "I try not to use that word in front of my impressionable 12 yr old daughter whose body is changing daily." I am trying to look in the mirror each day and say positive things rather than all the negative chatter I hear in my head. It is hard. It remains a challenge. And teaching our daughters (and sons) to look upon themselves with love, well, wow, even harder with all they hear and see. Thank you for the ever positive message, Jess!

  2. Amen! I big loved SkinnyMeg's post today and I love yours too! Keep doing what you're doing and being inspiring just from being happy being you! :)

  3. I agree with you Wannabrunner, learning to love your bodies is such a challenge because your body is precious and it is our vehicle for awakening so treat it with care.

  4. well done -i would never wear a bikini, i'd be too selfconcious http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/sliding-doors.html

  5. I love everything about this---you seem so happy and that is what counts!! I loved Skinny Meg's post too!!

  6. I am so thrown off this week. Short weeks are so dang confusing! Perfection is a tough thing (as someone who is a total perfectionist, I get it). It's unrealistic, unattainable, and not fun. Living life is about more than just meeting some crazy "ideal"! So glad that you are just doing you, and choosing to love yourself at any size :)

  7. Amazing…. just amazing! LOVE this!

  8. To me perfection is completely subjective just like beauty. What I think is perfect someone else might think is flawed. So I don't live by what others think is perfect....or beautiful. I strive to be my own version of perfect everyday, my own happy, my own beautiful. In every aspect. We all need to stop living and striving for the validation of others. I never say I'm not perfect, God made me perfect in every way and I will live up to that standard every day.

  9. While I will never wear a bikini, I have no desire to, we went to the water park last week and there was a plus size woman wearing a bikini and my only thought was that I can only hope that my daughters have the body confidence that she had no matter what size they are.

  10. i just discovered your blog but this post makes me want to follow you straight away!
    you're so right. nobody is perfect..
    but trying to be the best version of yourself is what makes one perfect to me.



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