Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Mondays!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Marathon Mondays!

Lets be honest.

This whole marathon training thing is hard. Running is hard. Convincing yourself to go running is hard.

I am having trouble getting my short runs in. I know that seems counter intuitive but it is easier to go for a long run (at this point 4 miles) on the weekends than remember to go run 1 during the week. I know it's important, I know it's about prioritizing, I just suck at it.

I will be better this week.

So to put me in a better mood- I built a perfect running outfit :D

I would totally wear the crap out of that outfit. A light windbreaker would be nice, it can get cold, but not sweater cold. And the workout underwear- Pokey swears by them... I am not convinced, but I figured I should stick it on here. Do you have workout specific underwear? Love the socks and capris and shirt. And I know I need to get fitted before my race- I don't know if Target running shoes will get me through. These Asics are adorable tho- and from what I have read Asics are great for low arched wide feet. So come to mama.

Are you training for a race? Or writing about running? Or your dog? Or workout undewear? Or anything? Link it up! I wanna see :D

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  1. I haven't tried the workout specific underwear. I usually run at lunch so I do bring an extra pair - who wants to put sweaty underwear back on after you shower??? I need to switch to shorts from capris because it's getting hot in here already. Gotta love Houston. I have Nike's for running but if I finish C25K again, my treat will be to get fitted for shoes. I bought some moisture wicking socks which I really like.

  2. I love those ON capris. Capris are my favorite to run in. Haven't gotten used to shorts for running yet. We'll see. And I love VS yoga panties to workout in. They are great BUT since I wear a lot of compression stuff now I wear thongs. It shouldn't matter I guess, but the lines bug me some days lol.

  3. I feel the same way about my runs! I have a July 4th half marathon, and I find it strange too how I get my long runs in, but rarely my shorter, during the week runs. I will try to be better this week with you!

  4. Asics GT-2000 shoes are great for low arches. I have a pair that I wear every day. The only shoes that don't cause me foot pain!

    I also really love Zella workout pants (found at Nordstrom.com). They're more expensive than Old Navy, but not outrageous. I never want to take mine off.

  5. I have those capris, and I LOVE them! :)

  6. Congrats on all your training! I just rounded up 10 of My Favorite Stylish Sports bras with print and color- You should add one to your get up! Check out this link-


  7. I have underwear I prefer to wear when working out, they can't slide down while I am running and they can't be too tight. I didn't know they made specific exercise underwear wow! Love that shirt!!

  8. I have the same problem with short runs, but I have found that it makes all the difference in the world when I fit them in! That helps me do them... knowing that I will suffer a teeny-tiny bit less on my long runs.


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