Operation Skinny Jeans: Marathon Monday- May!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Marathon Monday- May!

So quick favor! Did you fill out this survey? I don't want to keep bugging you about it but if it is going to become a thing I need to know if its something people actually want to become a thing. If you are not plus sized and would still be interested- note that and I will see if there is enough interest to add that as an option :D

Holy shit it's May.

Where does the year go? I have always felt like the first few months fly by. It's Christmas then BAM- May. I don't get it. Is it just me?

Amyhoo- this means that there are roughly 3 months between me and my half marathon, which scares the pants off me. But the good news is it also scares the running shoes ON to me, so I think I will be fine. As far as training goes, not much happened this week. As you may know I had my wisdom teeth removed and so running was ill-advised. I did some yoga on Sunday and went on a few walks to make up for it ish.

And for fun, here is a picture of me running!

But my sister Pokey has been back at it! Check out her update!

So I took a 2 week hiatus from running. I moved house at the end of April and there was just no energy left for my runs.
And I can't quite believe I actually started again. So many exercise routines have gone the wayside after what was meant to be a short break. I think because I'm not doing this to lose weight, the pressure I would otherwise put my self under is gone. My success and progress is not measured in terms of inches and pounds, but minutes and miles. 
I am now on week 6 on couch to 5k. My first run after my 2 week break was the dreaded 20 minute at the end of week 5. I had considered starting week 5 over and build myself back up to the 20 minute run. But I decided to just go for it. And I did it. 
I'm learning how much of what holds me back is in my own head. Today's run absolutely sucked. I couldn't get my breathing right, I was landing on my arches and was just miserable. But i promised my self I wouldn't walk and I wouldn't repeat a run. I just need to do it. And incredibly, my body is doing just that.

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  1. I was just thinking yesterday that time has flown by in 2014. I was thinking that in a few months I will be Christmas shopping again!

  2. I was thinking the samething recently. Time seems to be flying this year. Maybe because I am turning 30 in October ;-) My first 5k is 3 months away and I am tying on my running shoes tonight after a few weeks off!!

  3. Oral surgery sucks. Glad you got some running in!

  4. Great job this week! I'm going to look at your survey now!

  5. I went to do your survey the first time around, but I am not plus size. You write, 'If you are not plus sized and would still be interested- note that and I will see if there is enough interest to add that as an option :D,' but I see no way to note that. Good luck, though!

  6. I was out for the count for weeks after having my wisdom teeth out. I think it's amazing you were walking and doing yoga!


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